We're All Friends Here

It's the comedy chat show with boundary issues! Join hosts Mark Normand and Matt Ruby as they bring New York City's best comedians onstage to open up about their personal lives, sex, drugs, religion, race and more.

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Episode: 63

Seaton Smith

Ladies' man and "Mulaney" star, Seaton Smith, drops into We're All Friends Here to talk dating white women, couples therapy, anxiety and opening up for Keith Sweat.

Episode: 62

Ron Krasnow

Ron Krasnow has a wife, a baby, and cancer. Matt & Mark discuss with Ron his disease, double-dating with his brother, and an excursion to Italy.

Episode: 61

Henry Zebrowski

Frank Langley is an incredible attorney. Or, is Henry Zebrowski just an incredible character actor? All will be revealed on We're All Friends Here as the "A to Z" star and Cave Comedy Radio regular talks mushrooms, playing with money on the set of Wolf of Wall Street, breastfeeding sex symbols, and his grandfather's secret family.

Episode: 60

Eli Sairs

Comedian Eli Sairs divulges his demons - both religious and mental - in an intense and somewhat combative episode of We're All Friends Here.

Episode: 59

Brendan Fitzgibbons

Nice guy comedian Brendan Fitzgibbons is no stranger to being pushed around. He talks to Matt and Mark about being strangely manipulated on a dating show and the time he stumbled into the realization he was being cheated on by his live-in girlfriend.

Episode: 58

Mark Demayo

Comedian Mark Demayo is a 20-year NYPD veteran. Matt and Mark interrogate the cop-turned-comic about the inner-workings of the NYPD, what Bed-Stuy used to be like and how he went from dealing cocaine to protecting and serving.

Episode: 57

Miguel Dalmau

Comedian Miguel Dalmau joins Matt and Mark for a chat about growing up in Queens, getting beat down and having a one-night stand with a woman who just had a very apparent medical procedure.

Episode: 56

Ari Shaffir

Comedian Ari Shaffir is a champion of hallucinogenics. To the amazement of Matt and Mark, Ari rolls out the details of his "mushroom festival," warns of the impending American insurrection and explains his dropout from Judaism.

Episode: 55

Matteo Lane

Comedian Matteo Lane chats with Matt and Mark about being one of two gay brothers in a traditional Italian family - and the conflict that arises when those brothers end up dating the same man. Also: Mark finds out whether or not he's an "otter."

Episode: 54

Lance Weiss

Comedian Lance Weiss is riddled with anxieties. The Georgia native opens up to Matt and Mark about his crippling OCD and having an absentee father—who happens to be a transsexual.

Episode: 53

Giulio Gallarotti

Actor and comedian Giulio Gallarotti is a man with no country—too Italian for the Italian-Americans and not Italian enough for actual Italians. But it's no matter for this handsome fella as Mark and Matt find out. Giulio describes his illustrious relationship with Calvin Klein's daughter as well as a very positive date experience with a trans-women.

Episode: 52

Scotland Green

Comedian Scotland Green is above the law - or so the New Orleans native would have you believe. Matt and Mark discover the criminal artistry of "white people shit", how to score acid in the French Quarter and the origin of Scotland's "milk mother".

Episode: 51

Oni Perez

Stand-up Oni Perez's world teeters on the edge of his kids and his comedy. He shares his experiences as a pent-up Marine, being the "creepy" dad and learning his daughter was lesbian.

Episode: 50

Andrew Short

Comedian Andrew Short is a bit of a realist - which comes as no surprise when he opens up about his alcohol abuse and time spent in cold, desolate isolation. Matt and Mark draw from Andrew a stream of stories involving depression, hallucinogens and vomit.

Episode: 49

Joey Gay

Comedy veteran and Brooklyn native Joey Gay is a throwback to simpler times: a time where "the gutters ran with blood". Matt and Mark listen in awe as Joey waxes nostalgic about a bygone New York - and that time he watched his friend get brutally stabbed.

Episode: 48

Jay Oakerson

Comedy mainstay Big Jay Oakerson is a fascinating guy; he's a 15-year stand-up veteran who got his start alongside Kevin Hart and Patrice O'Neal in the black comedy circuit - as a white comic no less. Jay regales Matt and Mark with tales of successful material failing miserably, performing to black audiences in Philly and getting serviced in Amsterdam (and a bunch of other places).

Episode: 47

Pat Dixon

The always dapper Pat Dixon is a comedian, television personality and fellow Cave Comedy Radio compatriot. Mark and Matt hits a vein of conversation in the subject of love - of women and weed. Pat regales them with tales of cross-country online dating, blunts and benders.

Episode: 46

Robert Dean

Comedian and actor Robert Dean is a heartthrob--but does he know it? Mark and Matt get to the bottom of this complex guy with striking blue eyes.

Episode: 45

The Lucas Brothers

The Lucas Brothers are identical twins, and their natural rhythms have created an utterly unique style in comedy. They've been on LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON, and now have their own animated sitcom on Fox! Mark and Matt get into their past in New Jersey and the south, and what made them decide to become comics.

Episode: 44

Zach Sims

Comedian, writer & actor Zach Sims may seem like a nice boy, but there's something else bubbling under the surface. Mark & Matt get all the real dirt on the New Orleans native!

Episode: 43

Taylor Ketchum

Comedian Taylor Ketchum has had one wild ride, from football to heroin to jokes. Mark and Matt get right into it!

Episode: 42

Selena Coppock

Boston's own resident badass, Selena Coppock, brings her ball-busting energy to the show today.

Episode: 41

Chris Laker

It's Chris Laker Week at Cave Comedy Radio! Not only does Chris have his own weekly podcast, but he was a guest on ROCK BOTTOM yesterday. Now, Mark and Matt hear about Chris's insane, debauched existence. Get it!

Episode: 40

Jeff Wesselschmidt

Comedian Jeff Wesselschmidt has one of the darkest minds around. But at heart, he's just a little scamp. Mark and Matt get all the drunken, arrest-filled stories on this week's episode!

Episode: 39

Adam Conover

Comedian and actor Adam Conover has got a righteous head of hair, but has a few secrets that come out immediately. Mark and Matt waste no time in getting to the heart of the matter!

Episode: 38

Mike Recine

Comedian and writer Mike Recine speaks his mind. Comes with the territory when you're the scion of a boisterous Italian-American New Jersey family! Mark and Matt get all the dirt on Mike's heavy past.

Episode: 37

Rojo Perez

Comedian Rojo Perez is cute as a button, and Mark & Matt get all the romance and heartbreak in Rojo's life.

Episode: 36

Nate Fridson

Is there anyone more in love with Detroit than comedian Nate Fridson? We doubt it. Mark and Matt get into Nate's Michigan past, and his relationship to his Judaism.

Episode: 35

Nore Davis

Comedian and actor Nore Davis started life in the Yonkers projects, and is now popping up in BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Not bad, right? Mark and Matt get into it with one of the funniest dudes around!

Episode: 33

Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett is a shining talent, currently starring on MTV2's GUY CODE. Mark & Matt get into his Florida past, and his love of jazz!

Episode: 32

Nate Bargatze

Comedian Nate Bargatze is one of the hottest acts in America right now, with glowing praise from Marc Maron, Jimmy Fallon, and many others. Mark and Matt dig up the weird, the creepy, and the grungy living inside his heart.

Episode: 31

Nick Turner

Comedian Nick Turner is a cast member on VH1's BEST WEEK EVER, and recently appeared on JOHN OLIVER'S NEW YORK STAND-UP SHOW on Comedy Central. He's the life of the party. But what's really going on in that big heart of his? Mark and Matt burrow deep on this week's episode!

Episode: 30

Tim Warner

Comedian Tim Warner spent some time being homeless. He's also lived on the edge a bit. Mark and Matt get all the nitty-gritty on this week's episode!

Episode: 29

Justy Dodge

Comedian Justy Dodge has had some serious highs and some serious lows, but these days, she's walking on the sunny side of the street. Mark and Matt find out how she twisted and turned her way through life until she came out the other side.

Episode: 28

Jason Good

Fatherhood unequivocably changed comedian Jason Good's life forever. He moved back to Minnesota, quit partying, and started a blog to talk about the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Mark and Matt get all the gory details of a hard life well lived.

Episode: 27

Tom Sibley

Comedian and actor Tom Sibley has had his fair share of heartbreak. He tells Mark and Matt about the defining shakeup in his life, and how he intends to bounce back from it.

Episode: 26

Greg Stone

Comedian Greg Stone wants to liberate you from your sexually repressed ways! He shares some stories with Mark and Matt all about the kinky little scrapes he's gotten into over the years.

Episode: 25

Luis J. Gomez

Comedian Luis J. Gomez has a mysterious past. Mark and Matt try to help him piece it together, and find out about the times Luis has been arrested.

Episode: 23

Joe List

Comedian Joe List is straight from the heart of Boston--so he obviously has an STD or two. Mark and Matt get the backstory from one of America's funniest guys!

Episode: 22

Thomas Dale

Comedian Thomas Dale is having a great year. A writer and featured performer on CHELSEA LATELY, he also crushed it on THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON back in November. Thomas talks to Mark and Matt about the darker, more difficult aspects of growing up gay in a straight society, and how he dealt with his own coming out in a tough, New York family.

Episode: 21

Andy Sandford

Comedian Andy Sandford hails from Atlanta, where apparently you can get held up at a backroom poker game and can live to tell the tale. Andy shares the crazy stories from the dirty south on this week's episode!

Episode: 20

Jessimae Peluso

Jessimae Peluso's star is on the rise, thanks to her role on MTV's GIRL CODE. Mark and Matt get her to open up about her humble beginnings in upstate New York, and the darkness that she had to overcome.

Episode: 19

Kate Hendricks

Comedian Kate Hendricks is also known as Kate the Wasp, and boy, does she live up to the title! Mark and Matt find out what it's like growing up a privileged white girl who's never far from a string of pearls or a glass of chardonnay.

Episode: 18

Joe Pera

Comedian Joe Pera seems like the sweet boy next door, but there's a weird, wild heart beating beneath that tucked-in shirt. Mark and Matt find out how the sweet and the absurd get all tangled up on this week's episode!

Episode: 17

Jeffrey Joseph

Comedian Jeffrey Joseph remembers Johnny Carson. That's how old this dude is. Jeffrey's lived a rich, exciting life, and Mark & Matt try to soak in some of his wisdom.

Episode: 16

Josh Gondelman

Comedian and ex-preschool teacher Josh Gondelman is a nice guy. Or so he claims. Mark and Matt try to root out the real story behind Gondelman's big-smile, loves-kids persona!

Episode: 15

Dan St. Germain

Comedian Dan St. Germain stars on VH1's BEST WEEK EVER, just premiered a half-hour special on Comedy Central, and will be starring in his own sitcom soon--but it wasn't always sunshine and lollipops. Mark and Matt get into his dark past on this week's episode!

Episode: 14

Kurt Metzger

We're All Friends Here is back!!! After a brief hiatus, Mark and Matt are back on stage asking the best comedians in New York the tough questions. This week, Kurt Metzger gets into his past as a religious zealot. Enjoy!

Episode: 13

Amber Nelson

This week on WAFH: Mark and Matt welcome Amber Nelson to the stage to talk about being switched at birth due to jaundice, her Southern Baptist preacher molester grandfather, and how she slept around to survive in Seattle.

Episode: 12

Damien Lemon

This week on WAFH: Matt and Mark welcome Damien Lemon of MTV's Guy Code to talk about the most personal and embarrassing moments of his past.

Episode: 11

Chris Distefano

On this WAFH: Mark and Matt welcome CCR's own Chris Distefano onstage live at The Creek and the Cave to talk about the terrible things he's done in life. Brooklyn and the mafia factor into it largely.

Episode: 10

Dan Soder

This week on WAFH: Mark and Matt welcome Dan Soder on stage live at the Creek and the Cave to talk about his most personal issues and horrible stories about his past.

Episode: 9

James Adomian

This week on WAFH: James Adomian sits down with Matt and Mark to talk about the real person inside the characters. Plus he's on mushrooms.

Episode: 8

Jermaine Fowler

On this WAFH: Jermaine Fowler sits down on the stage at The Creek to talk about his history as a victim of domestic violence and burning garbage cans.

Episode: 7

Ray Combs Jr.

On this WAFH: Ray Combs Jr. talks about the suicide of his father (former Family Feud host Ray Combs) and why he feels he can say absolutely anything he wants onstage in addition to taking Mark and Matt to task about their show all at the same time. Tense to say the least.

Episode: 6

Mike Lawrence

On this WAFH: Mike Lawrence talks about his McDonald's years, his father's Cuban fiance, and the terrible things he would do to himself after bad sets.

Episode: 5

Erik Bergstrom

On this WAFH: Erik Bergstrom talks about growing up above a porn store in Minnesota, the time he was dumped for a dude in a band called Angel Spit, and much more.

Episode: 4

Ali Wong

On this WAFH: Ali Wong talks about being a dirty, dirty girl in as many different ways as she can.

Episode: 3

Michael Che

On this WAFH: Michael Che sits down to talk about growing up the Lower East Side, how having older siblings shaped his sexual views, and bad vaginas.

Episode: 1

Donald Glover

On this, the first episode of We're All Friends Here on CCR: we travel all the way back to 2009 as Mark Normand and Matt Ruby ask comedy superstar Donald Glover about the most personal and embarrassing moments of his life before the man was famous. More episodes from the archives of famous peeps to come!