Baby Geniuses

Every week, comedian and super-genius Emily Heller and her shy-dekick, cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt, challenge their guests to share some knowledge on any topic they want. 

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Episode: 71

Ron Babcock / Matt Ingebretson

Hello babies - this week's guest is urban planning enthusiast and hilarious comedian Ron Babcock! He tells us all about France's mistakes in World War 2 and the future of the LA river. It is FASCINATING. Then, butterfly beauty expert James Leatherwood has a LOT to share about our fluttery friends. Listen up!!!

Episode: 71

Megan Amram / John Milhiser

Bonjour mon bebes, this week's guest is author and Parks & Rec writer Megan Amram!!! She talks to us about her love of crossword puzzles and her multiple forms of synesthesia. Then, dinner party expert Dustin Dumps gives us the dos and don'ts of hosting your own soirée. Plus: Presidential pets! And some HUGE announcements!

Episode: 70

Kelli Karsten / Marcy Jarreau

Babies! Hello! We have a very exciting, extravaganza-themed show for you today! First, professional touring circus clown Kelli Karsten tells us what it's like to live on a train for five years! Then, theme park safety expert Sandy Sims gives us some tips about how to keep your kids safe while experiencing the magic. Plus: dating pigeons! More great butts! And Klingon theater! BUCKLE UP!

Episode: 69

Jon Klassen / Jake Regal

Hey babies! This week's guest is author/illustrator Jon Klassen and he's here to talk to us about coleslaw! We also discuss last meals, open mikes, tattoos, and walking out of movies. Then, Dewnossoir Pilip Hightower teaches us how to live the Mountain Dew lifestyle!!!!! (the lifestyle includes exclamation marks)

Episode: 68

Karen Kilgariff / Mark Little

Hola babies! This week's guest is comedian, musician, Mr. Show star, and all around wonderful lady Karen Kilgariff! She talks to us about her days as a Gap girl in San Francisco, and we delve into the Wiki page for Hedy Lamarr, whose talents went far beyond faking orgasms. Then: pranks expert Barry Tannen tells us t and outs and the history of pranks, including excerpts from his book "Pranks a Million" and a lot of snake talk. Plus: Emily reads Lisa's innermost mind!!! You won't want to miss what's in there, it's pretty funky!

Episode: 67

Nick Sumida / Matt McCarthy

Babies, babies, babies! We are back after a week off and boy are we refreshed and ready to get into it with our incredible guest, artist and doll-face Nick Sumida!! He's here to talk to us about the eroticism of 1990s movies which ties in very nicely with our exhaustive list of paraphilias! Emily has a philia for one of the Jersey Boys, can you guess which one? Lisa has a philia for sample sales, and our expert, Carson Johnson, has an extreme philia for the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson! We test his knowledge and learn a bit about the history of the "really big show."

Episode: 66

Sara Benincasa / Paul Danke

Hey babies! This week's guest is author / comedian / overall delight Sara Benincasa! She talks to us about Agoraphobia and baton twirling! Two fascinating and totally unrelated topics! Then: Jimmy Buffett expert Blake Algiers gives us the low down on what all aspiring parrot heads should know. Plus: cow eyeballs! Kanye West! And lucid dreaming! Listen up!!!

Episode: 65

Eliza Skinner / Kristen Studard

Hey babies! This week we're talking with the hilarious comedian & writer Eliza Skinner! She tells us all about the Jamestown colony and a plucky young upstart named Pocahontas! Then, Sugar Glider expert Marianne Schiftwell tells us all about how to care for the little cuties. Plus: Who's so vain? Seriously, who?!?! And also: DREAM ON!!! ALSO!!! WE HAVE AN ADDENDUM!!! YOU MUST LISTEN!!!!!

Episode: 64

Ben Joseph / Sean Keane

What's happenin,' Babies!? Our guest this week is a fantastic comedy writer for College Humor and television, Ben Joseph! He talks about the super manly sport of sailboating and the best and worst Disney movies. Then: poetry expert Davis Osbourne teaches us about the stanzas (and lyrics) of some of his favorite modern "poets." PLUS! Is small talk good or bad for society!? And: LOBOTOMIES! Could Emily and Lisa use a little lobe trimming? Probably!

Episode: 63

Alice Wetterlund / Matt Cordova

Hola, babies! Our guest this week is delightful comedian Alice Wetterlund from Girl Code! She teaches us how to meditate and cat whisper. Pillows and blankets in both stories for our bedding enthusiast listeners!! Then: Menace Expert Johnny Everett teaches us all we need to know about menaces, which is, really, not that much. PLUS! UFOs - are they Canadian?!

Episode: 62

Cameron Esposito / Tony Sam

Salutations, babies! This week our guest is the fantastic comedian Cameron Esposito. She talks to us about being the ringleader of a circus! Which is a thing she did, not something she's speculating about! Then, oceans expert Jacques Cousteau (no relation) scares the shit out of us with his terrifying warnings about the death that awaits us all. Plus: horses!!!!! Game shows! HORSES!!!

Episode: 61

Gabe Delahaye / Dan Black

Hey babies - this week's guest is comedy writer and GOOP expert Gabe Delahaye! We talk about shark facts, meat showers, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Then, faux-fitness expert Charlie Marbles teaches us how to trick people into thinking you can be a good personal trainer (the info you've been waiting for!!!). Plus: Rocky sequels! Beyonce footage! Giggles!!!

Episode: 60

Jake Weisman / Jake Regal

Hello, babies! This week we have the hilarious JAKE WEISMAN talking to us all about Scientology, cats, and the intersection of Scientology and cats!! We also talk about the worst opera singer in history, what it's like to swim with otters, and we ask Hitler: what the actual fuck?? Plus, occult expert (and vampyr) Garithium tells us which monsters are cool and which monsters are fools. Tune in and be spooked!!!

Episode: 59

Kate Berlant / Adam Conover

Live from Cabo!! This particularly loopy episode of BG was recorded on the last day of our vacation in Mexico! The hysterical & relaxed Kate Berlant talks about her days as an assistant to an eccentric healer! Then, New York expert Ron Konkoma tells us why New York is way better than anywhere else. Plus: vacation highlights! White guilt! Sociopaths! Tune in and chill out!!!

Episode: 58

Beth Stelling / Kristen Studard

This week on the podcast, hilarious comedian Beth Stelling (Conan, @midnight, Chelsea Lately & more) tells us all about how to have fun in Dayton Ohio. Here's a hint: you have to defy the Goosebumps book "Stay Out of the Basement." Then, celebrity sex-pert Marlene Biscotti spills the beans about what all your favorite stars are like in the sack! How does she know? First-hand experience!! Plus: taboo foods! Earthquakes! and other near death experiences!!!!

Episode: 57

Matt Forsythe / Aparna Nancherla

Hey babies! This week's guest is the fantastic artist Matt Forsythe! He talks to us about the best burger experience you can have and also his job as head character designer on Adventure Time! Wowee! Then, 'Fitting In' expert Tammy Danza gives us her advice for not sticking out like a bump on a pickle. Also: trees! and Death Boners!

Episode: 56

Sara Schaefer / Chris Garcia

Hola, babies! This week we are joined by the super hilarious comedian and former co-host of Nikki & Sara Live, Sara Schaefer! She talks to us about when she stumbled into a job as an analyst at a high powered law firm in Manhattan. Then! Ayahuasca expert Manny tells us all about the life-changing psychotropic drug that can be easily found in your backyard, depending on how mean your brother is. Plus! We finally tackle the Nancy Kerrigan / Tonya Harding issue, see some celebrities, and visit the Other World Kingdom where the motto is "Women Over Men." Naturally, we love it. And so will you!!

Episode: 55

Justin Halpern / Paul Danke

This week we have a super manly, super sexy episode for you. Drugs! Sex! Cars! Bee stings! Beastings! First, TV writer / Emily's boss / twitter empresario Justin Halpern tells us some "fun facts" about Pablo Escobar and breaks all the rules about baby naming. Or at least: one. Listen to find out which! Then street racing expert Decklund Black "breaks it down" about sweet rides and hot moves on the streets! FUCK YEAH! Oh we also talk about space sex and animal attacks! It's fuckin' exciting, man!!!!

Episode: 54

Nicole Byer / Jared Logan

This week the babies are joined by hilarious comedian & Girl Code star Nicole Byer! She talks to us about drama school drama, throwing away her passport, and how disappointing she is at karaoke. Then Hollywood Legends expert Gregory Beauchamp-Millington from the American Film Institute tells us all about tinsel town! La-la land! And various other nicknames! Also discussed: Valentine's Day! Megabus! Autonomous orgasms! Self cannibalism! Watching celebrities eat! Cut it! Print it!

Episode: 53

Ali Koehler / Nate Fernald

This week the babies are joined by awesome drummer Ali Koehler (Upset, Vivian Girls, Best Coast) who tells us all about her time in Germany, her love of make up, and why she hates live shows (sort of). Then: dog expert Dr. Tony Peh has all the info you need about how to care for your pet. Also discussed: the Streisand effect! Eminem! Imaginary incest!

Episode: 52

Sean O'Connor / Eric Dadourian

This week we are joined by comedian Sean O'Connor (Comedy Central, Conan)!! He talks to us about his love of Ke$ha and also the mysterious disappearance of a South Carolina girl and her many internet speculators. Then, Mothering Expert Glen Ricky gives us parenting advice. PLUS! Emily and Lisa get into it about the new Beyoncé album and discuss their favorite war-time cross-dressers!

Episode: 51

Minisode: Chip Eatin' Guy

Weeeee're baaaaack! In this "mini-sode" (like an appetizer for a real episode!) Lisa and Emily catch up about their new lives in LA including stories of dog poop and the Magic Castle! They are also joined by a mysterious chip-eating companion.

Episode: 50

Rob Dubbin / Jim VanBlaricum

Today on BG: It's the final episode before the Babies go on an indefinite hiatus! Mourn for them! COLBERT REPORT writer Rob Dubbin shares some writerly tales from the recent Emmy winner. Revenge expert Sebastian Peemuffin (Jim VanBlaricum) breaks down how to get back at people. The Babies may be saying goodbye, but they're not saying farewell!

Episode: 49

Ted Travelstead / Nick Maritato

It's a huge day in Lisa and Emily's relationship: They finally watched DUMB & DUMBER together! Comedian and writer Ted Travelstead loves studying pick-up artists. Street magic expert Drew McClanahan (Nick Maritato) is on the come-up, and wants to plug the books he's yet to publish.

Episode: 48

Kara Klenk / Casey Jost

Emily and Lisa analyze their creative processes, and where their careers have taken them. Comedian, actor, and writer Kara Klenk reminisces working for NBC during the 2006 winter Olympics, and IT expert A.J. (Casey Jost) teaches everyone about the finer points of consumer technology.

Episode: 47

Jermaine Fowler / Emily Axford

This was recorded during the New York City heat wave, and Emily is baffled how people can look good in weather like this. Comedian Jermaine Fowler of MTV2's GUY CODE relates the struggles of trying to give teenagers advice, and the differences between him and his identical twin. Pinterest expert Dakota Muchley (Emily Axford) plugs her book about the social network, PINING FOR PINS: REAPIN' IN THEM RE-PINS. It's Baby Geniuses, your bi-weekly TED Talk for the millenial set!

Episode: 46

Matt Koff / Connor Ratliff

Today on BG: Emily and Lisa hash out the inner workings of PACIFIC RIM, comedian and writer Matt Koff smells things that aren't there, and brain tickler expert Dr. Fendel Randelman (Connor Ratliff) discusses his new TLC show, BRAIN HEAT.

Episode: 45

Mike Lawrence / Jared Logan

The Babies. Are. BACK. Emily and Lisa are so excited to be together again, and swap some stories of their new digs in LA and Manhattan, respectively. Comedian Mike Lawrence joins to talk about his thoughts on GLEE, and genealogy expert Richard Kennedy Windsor (Jared Logan) reveals some things you never thought about with your family trees.

Episode: 44

David Rees / Dan Black

Today on BG: The show is going on a two-week hiatus while Emily dances in the LA sunlight, and Lisa doesn't know how to handle it. Author and cartoonist David Rees goes on a journey with creating mashups, and explains the value of a well-sharpened pencil. And Wall Street expert Wally Wydawsky (Dan Black) regales the gang with tales of the broker's high life.

Episode: 43

Alex Koll / Amber Nelson

Emily and Lisa pop back some cocktails to beat the heat, comedian Alex Koll describes what it means to be a balloonologist, and art education expert Kay Bill (Amber Nelson) wants to reign in her students' projects, with potentially damning results.

Episode: 42

Sean Donnelly / Reid Faylor

Emily gets a mole removed from an interesting place, Lisa's boyfriend is getting hernia surgery, comedian Sean Donnelly professes his love for MURDER, SHE WROTE, and spooky stories expert Mr. Courtney (Reid Faylor) gets very specific about what kind of stories he enjoys--and how he enjoys them.

Episode: 41

Jim Tews / Riley Soloner

Today on BG: Emily is mad jealous of Lisa's new health-filled lifestyle, comedian Jim Tews paints a portrait of the caricature artist as a young man, and AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS expert Frank Ding (Riley Soloner) waxes rhapsodic about the show's musical montages--until things take a dark turn.

Episode: 40

Emmy Blotnick / Henry Zebrowski

Today on BG: Emily and Lisa discuss the cathartic release of confronting strangers on the street, comedian and writer Emmy Blotnick loves all the fish in the sea, and jelly 'n' jam expert Lily Gurwitch (Henry Zebrowski) professes her love for her preserves collection. 

Episode: 39

Michelle Wolf / Ashley Brooke Roberts

Today on BG: Emily is enraptured by the history of San Francisco prostitutes, Lisa confesses to not seeing BIO-DOME, comedian Michelle Wolf shares her wisdom on exercise, and movement expert Tina Marie Turner (Ashley Brooke Roberts) promotes her web, shows us the benefits of moving. Eat a space cake and get moving!

Episode: 38

Lauren Ashley Bishop / Micah Sherman

Today on BG: Lisa and Emily take on self-righteous vegans, comedian Lauren Ashley Bishop reminisces about being an ex-southern belle, and friendship expert Jesse Pallsgrove (Micah Sherman) explains what the friend zone really means to him. 

Episode: 37

Julieanne Smolinski / Joe Pera

Today on BG: Emily is overwhelmed by a live, headless chicken, writer Julieanne Smolinski dishes about flying on Rihanna's private plane, and nutrition expert Evan Ples (Joe Pera) tells us what he knows about the Met Foods on Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn.

Episode: 36

Nick Turner / Nick Maritato

Today on BG: Emily & Lisa discuss their feelings on vomit, comedian Nick Turner relates his past tobacco kleptomania, and reality show host Paul Poundstone (Nick Maritato) shares his extreme eating experiences across the globe.

Episode: 35

Mark Normand / Jared Logan

Today on BG: Emily and Lisa discuss their disdain for the word tenderoni, comedian Mark Normand talks about his love of Jews and the problems associated with Propecia, and this week's expert, Tate German (Jared Logan), talks about one of Emily's favorite things in the world: Dr. Frasier Crane.

Episode: 34

Adam Newman / Langan Kingsley

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa discuss prostitution among animals, comedian Adam Newman talks about butts and motorcycles, and an unconventional expert by the name of Mart Whitaker (Langan Kingsley) gives her extensive knowledge on the name Dexter.

Episode: 33

Marielle Heller / Dan Hodapp

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa talk about Emily's recent Conan appearance, Emily's sister Marielle Heller drops by to talk about adapting Diary of a Teenage Girl for stage and screen while Lisa freaks out about a spoon-bending story, and personal organization expert Adams Zachary (Dan Hodapp) gives advice on how to get your life in order.

Episode: 32

Seth Herzog / Zach Broussard

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa talk about art competitions at the Olympics, Seth Herzog talks about performing for the troops and living in the smallest apartment in the city, and safety expert Douglas Fairbanks (Zach Broussard) explains a plan that keeps men from getting strangled to death.

Episode: 31

Mike Drucker / Michelle Wolf

Today on BG: Emily and Lisa blow the lid off mass psychogenic illness, comedian and Jimmy Fallon writer Mike Drucker talks about his days at Nintendo, and baby talk expert Nancy Schwartz (Michelle Wolf) proves her method of speaking represents the purest incarnation of love.

Episode: 30

Janine Brito / Reid Faylor

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa explore the world of female pirates, Janine Brito from Totally Biased shows her expertise in self-defense and World War II, and rhyming expert Dan the Rhymer (Reid Faylor) shows us all the wonderful ways rhyming can be used to enhance our lives.

Episode: 29

Michael Zelenko / Jake Young

This week on BG: Emily discovers a celebrity who obviously has ASMR, journalist Michael Zelenko joins the ladies to talk about phreaking and Bit Coins, and lifestyle engineer Tim Trembles (Jake Young) explains his 7 day Adonis system to getting your life on track.

Episode: 28

Guy Branum / Nate Fernald

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa explore the world of fossil words, Totally Biased writer Guy Branum stops by to talk extensively about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and teen expert McWilliams David (Nate Fernald) gives you the only four things you need to know to understand teenagers.

Episode: 27

Max Silvestri / Griffin Newman

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa explore the ins and outs of Alf, comedian and writer Max Silvestri talks about the early days of the Internet, and expert expert Ricard Klein-Katman (Griffin Newman) out experts every other expert we've ever had.

Episode: 25

Carmen Lynch / Kelly Hudson

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily explore the different effects visiting Paris can have on one's psyche, comedian Carmen Lynch drops by to talk about her teenage job selling vacuum cleaners, and middle-aged man expert Sam Printess (Kelly Hudson) gives her unique view on this oft-forgotten subset of humanity.

Episode: 26

Bonus Episode: Kevin Avery / The Mystery WASP

On this blast from the past edition of BG: Kevin Avery of Totally Biased with W. Kumau Bell talks about his past as an R&B singer and a mysterious WASP flies into the studio to give the ladies fashion advice.

Episode: 24

Jillian Tamaki / Connor Ratliff

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily talk about a show nobody watches but them, cartoonist and illustrator Jillian Tamaki talks about web comics and the US naturalization process, and Beatles expert Lanny Merkelton (Connor Ratliff) talks about the oddly specific book he's writing about the Fab Four.

Episode: 23

Josh Gondelman / Micah Sherman

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa delve into the world of sexually active popes, comedian Josh Gondelman talks about his wildly popular Twitter account, Modern Seinfeld, and professional cut-up Dale Kipp (Micah Sherman) joins the ladies to discuss the fascinating world of crop circles.

Episode: 22

Dan St. Germain / Sasheer Zamata

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily bash a terrible toothpaste ad, Dan St. Germain gets fancy with talk about plays, and dinosaur expert Mertha Stew (Sasheer Zamata) has some very surprising facts about the so-called thunder lizards.

Episode: 21

Avery Monsen / Casey Jost

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa get a new favorite artist, author and former guest Avery Monsen describes his Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, and bullying expert Bulldog (Casey Jost) threatens literally everyone in the building.

Episode: 20

Ethan Berlin / Anna Drezen

This week on BG: Lisa reveals a startling fact about her family history, writer Ethan Berlin talks about his extensive knowledge and personal use of Yahoo Answers, and baby expert Natalie Don-Johnson (Anna Drezen) dodges hard questions about her own progeny's origins.

Episode: 19

Live in San Francisco!

From the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco: it's the Baby Geniuses' first ever live episode! With Jorma Taccone (SNL, the Lonely Island, Girls), Alex Koll (Comedy Central), Natasha Muse, Tony Bedard, and two bona fide Robin Williams experts. Breast massagers! Stray dogs! Heckling dads! ASMR! This episode has it all!

Episode: 18

Michael Che / Zach Broussard

This week on BG: Emily and Lisa cover the world of Scratch n' Sniff, Michael Che comes in to talk about his lifelong sneaker obsession, and a man named Dr. Sanjay Gupta educates us about some unorthodox meditation techniques.

Episode: 17

Jared Logan / Nate Fernald

This week on BG: it's the Christmas episode! Jared Logan drops by to talk about holidays and Santa expert Trever Dill dispels a few myths concerning about jolly old Kris Krinkle.

Episode: 16

Gabe Liedman / Aparna Nancherla

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily make a plea to San Francisco celebrities in anticipation of their upcoming live show, comedian Gabe Liedman talks about his years in high fashion, and conflict resolution expert Soli Laseter (Aparna Nancherla) gives sage advice on how to completely avoid any kind of fight imaginable.

Episode: 15

Ron Funches / Kara Klenk

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily discuss Action Park, America's most dangerous theme park, comedian Ron Funches drops by to talk about The Black Mafia Family, and hair removal expert Evete Babalescue (Kara Klenk) gives some beauty tips from the Eastern Bloc.

Episode: 14

Michael Deforge / Paul Brant

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily talk about the mysterious Mojave Desert phone booth, cartoonist Michael Deforge comes in to display his extensive knowledge of the life and times of Prince, and Presidential expert Paul Brant divulges some very surprising facts about our nation's former commanders in chief.

Episode: 13

Adam Conover / Ray Montechengo

This week on BG: comedian and (in full disclosure) Lisa's boyfriend Adam Connover joins the ladies to discuss commonly held beliefs that are in fact false and soup expert Ray Montechengo shares his famous Italian Divorce recipe.

Episode: 12

Julia Wertz / Richard Pullin'

This week on BG: Lisa and Emily talk about Honey Boo-Boo, cartoonist Julia Wertz comes in to talk about her expertise on abandoned mental hostpitals, and Emily's high school basketball coach and health expert Richard Pullin' waxes on the importance of self-acceptance.

Episode: 11

Jory John / Anika

This week on BG: Lisa lives in a dome in a desert and manages to not take drugs, All My Friends Are Dead author Jory John to talk about his alternate career as a gag writer for Dennis the Menace, and dating expert Danika comes in to give us some intense advice.

Episode: 10

Micah Sherman / Dr. Martin Clint-Horus

This week on BG: Emily gets obsessed with Long Island Medium while Lisa naysays, Micah Sherman drops by to give his expertise on Robin Williams, and Dr. Martin Clint-Horus, Professor of Women's Studies, argues his opinions on the fairer sex.

Episode: 9

Greg Barris / Steven Steverton

This week on Baby Geniuses: Lisa gets a new German Board Game, Greg Barris tells us everything he knows about the supernatural, and Steven Steverton, author of Twistin' the Night Away, gives us his expertise on plot twists in movies.

Episode: 8

Beth Lisick / Dr. Applebottomgene

This week on BG: a particularly disgusting yet intriguing Wiki of the Week featuring a drug called Jenkem is discussed, writer and musician Beth Lisick drops by to tell a few stories, and Dr. Applebottomgene gives us his expert opinion on turtles.

Episode: 7

David Smithyman / Simon from Byrd Middle School

This week on Baby Geniuses: Lisa travels to a comic book convention, a strange Wiki of the Week features a woman giving birth to rabbits, comedian David Smithyman drops by to share his ridiculous amount of knowledge about animals, and Simon from Byrd Middle School shares his expert knowledge on the girls in his class.

Episode: 6

Myq Kaplan / Solomon Cake

This week on Baby Geniuses: comedian and Emily's camp buddy Riley Solonor comes in to sit in for Lisa, comedian Myq Kaplan drops some word knowledge, and security/t-shirt/Beach Boys expert Solomon Cake reveals surprising facts about everyone's favorite surfers.

Episode: 5

Avery Monsen / Brent Sullivan / Toby Ridgles

This week on Baby Geniuses: Avery Monsen travels with Emily to an event featuring a man named Bracco the Silent Gazer, Lisa explains the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, Brent Sullivan drops by to give his expertise on cyber-stalking, and Toby Ridgles of Gumtion Candies gives us a shaky presentation on his new diet gum.

Episode: 4

A Musical Theater Journey with Julie Klausner

This week on Baby Geniuses: a disgusting practice is discussed in the Wiki of the Week, podcaster and author Julie Klausner drops by to impart her expert knowledge of musical theater, and life coach Diana Rossenstein proves once again that life coaches should not exist.

Episode: 3

Doing Absolutely Everything with Jeffrey Lewis

On this week's Baby Geniuses: Emily gets way too into Magic Mike, performance expert Jeffrey Lewis drops by to play some tunes, and afterlife expert Abel Ashante joins the ladies to tell them they're going to Hell.

Episode: 2

ASMR with Nikki Glaser

This week on Baby Geniuses: Emily and LIsa welcome comedian and fellow podcaster Nikki Glaser into the studio to discuss a strange and rare yet beneficial condition Emily and Nikki share, plus Cool Whip expert Karen Tootlemeyer shares her near encyclopedic knowledge on the famed dessert substance.

Episode: 1

Babies, Pageants, and Vacations

On this, the first episode of Baby Geniuses: Emily and Lisa research their namesake's Wiki page, comedian Jamie Lee drops in to talk about child pageantry, and vacation expert Vacation Jason drops vacation knowledge all over the studio.