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    I love the podcast and gleefully await the gory details of every show, as well as the general irreverence exhibited when it comes to taboo subjects. It’s not that the misfortune of others brightens my day, but truthfully, yeah…usually.

    I got an hour into the first 9/11 show and had to shut it off. I don’t consider myself a tough guy, but typically refrain from sobbing in front of my wife while making bacon and eggs on Sunday morning.

    I was 14 and in freshman French class when the news about the first tower was read aloud to us via principals’ office memo. Even when a kid was in deep shit they would announce his name over the loud speaker or an aide would spirit him away to the office so the memo was disconcerting.

    A small, personal aircraft must have struck the skyscraper. I remember a kid named Jared Johnson being the first to come to the Act of War conclusion as he somehow got out of class and watched the footage on a teacher’s lounge television. “Commercial jets don’t just fly too low and hit fucking buildings in Manhattan.”

    You all have your own memories about the way the rest of the news rippled through your own communities so I won’t get into the rest of my day. My memories of that day aren’t suppressed as I experienced no personal trauma–I lived 3 hours from NYC and didn’t even know someone who knew someone that died in the attack–the involuntary wave of raw emotion that overtook me while listening to the terrified voices of those students looking on as bodies fell reminds me that I am not desensitized completely.

    As an 80’s baby/kid of the 90’s I thought I was impervious to violence and viciousness triggering those kinds of responses unless someone was directly attempting to harm me or a loved one.

    Thanks for reminding me that I am part of the collective unconscious and that my empathy wells are not dry despite my programming.



    None of the 911 calls bothered me, neither did the gory details about murder, but something about hearing the students react to the second plane hitting was absolutely chilling, the horror felt a lot more real.



    I was fine with everything that was going on until I heard the 911 call from the lady (I believe they said her name was Melissa…) who kept saying “It is so hot.” Knowing that lady died, and the fear in her voice, because she knew she wasn’t going to make it out alive…. it honestly crushed me.



    I never thought to find recordings and video of live reactions to the second plane hitting. Those were very interesting.
    I was a freshman in highschool, in Nebraska. I watched it on TV before school. I never really felt any connection or sadness or fear. The window jumpers were the only thing to affect me like that. I was inspired.I follow most rules, do what was expected. I thought of government and social structure as fact; unaffectable by a single person, even a group of hundreds. These guys showed me you could do whatever you wanted. You CAN do something about what you don’t like. People realized they weren’t safe for a moment. But now we’ve rebuilt our security theatre up and its ready to be knocked down again.
    -disclaimer – not a terrorist

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