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    1. FREAKS!!!!!! Also geeks (biting heads off of chickens) and carnivals in general of course. Might make a good multipart episode.

    2. Early 20th century and Victorian Academic porn- scholarly books like Psychopathia Sexualis (Kraft-Ebbing) or Voodoo-Eros-Ethnological Studies in the Sex-Life of the African Aborigines(Bryk)
    Additionally with this topic you could talk about Hot n’ Tot Venus and the Elephant Man.

    3.The RA materials- A UFO cult from the 80s. They contacted an intergalactic hive mind called RA, who dictated the Law of One which includes their own tarot deck. They’re still around today



    I’ve recently been introduced to TLPOTL, and I absolutely love it. It’s like Patton Oswalt and Art Bell had a baby and out came your podcast.

    I’d love to see and episode on the Black-Eyed Children, if you haven’t already covered it.



    Josef Fritzl, Kurt Cobain Murder, the Hi-Fi Massacre of Ogden, UT, and Skinwalker Ranch (also in Utah).



    Fred and Rose West’s pedophile friends house is getting dug up.



    Twin Swedish women run into a motorway. Both get hit by cars. One stays in the hospital in critical condition. The other is released from prison 2 days later and commits murder. The twins are Sabina and Ursula and are now living free in the US.



    Other topics:

    Women dies of mysterious causes. People who care for her at hospital also get sick. Still unsolved.

    Man with insatiable appetite, but looks relatively normal.

    Haunted Forest in Romania

    Unsolved mass murder of a German family



    Westboro Baptist Church
    Chunch of Scientology



    I think simply breaking down the show the X Files would be rad. Like, some “real” events they pulled to make the episodes. Or maybe my recent Netflix binge is prompting this.



    Love the show, here are some topic ideas. Thanks!
    Bennewitz Affair/Richard Doty
    Rendlesham incident
    Weird Japanese crimes/Issie Sagawa/The Monster with 21 faces
    Post War Nazis/Klaus Barbi/Ratlines/Odessa
    The Pied Piper
    Nefarious Psychology/Walter Freeman/Truth Rendition/Lauretta Bender
    Marc Dutroux/International abuse rings



    I second Pee Wee Gaskins. Have you covered the black dahlia? That case is so creepy. I enjoyed the glitch in the matrix episode. More on perception and other dimensions.



    The Smiley Face Killer, Highway Serial Killings, Highway of Tears Murders, H.P. Lovecraft’s works, Mothman and other shadow people.



    The curse of the kids from the Our Gang Comedies. Even Petey the dog had an untimely death!



    There have been some cases in which parents take something away from their teenage kids (phones, video games) and the kids react by murdering their parents. Such as the Daniel Petric case ( who killed his mother and tried to kill his father after they took Halo 3 away from him.



    I would love to see the Loch Ness Monster covered especially since a new photo of it was just taken and you can actually see him in it.

    The Kurt Cobain death Conspiracy would be really awesome to and I’d love to hear your guys take on it.

    You briefly mentioned Jack The Ripper in the H.H.Holmes episode but I think an actual trilogy dedicated to him would be nice since he’s such a heavy hitter.

    The only other thing I can think of at the moment that I would like to hear you guys tackle is The Warren’s you’ve touched on them quite a bit but I would love to hear you guys actually go in great detail on there many cases and if you think there full of shit.



    Counterfeiter, rapist, and serial killer James DeBardeleben.

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