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    The Bell Witch



    Hey guys. Big fan of the show. I’d like to see more aliens! I love how amped Henry gets. Also would love to see more asian cults. I lived in asia for 5 years and aum shinrikyo have been some of my favorite episodes. Especially all the characters and impressions.



    Hey guys I’d love to see these three topics become episodes in the future

    1.Black River falls Wisconsin idk where to begin with this one it has everything Black River Falls fell victim to a severe diphtheria epidemic, the local economy collapsed following the shutdown of a mining business, a serial arsonist terrorized the community, a lunatic claiming to act under God’s orders held 26 people hostage at the local church, two children murdered a farmer, a number of infants were abandoned or killed, and an undercurrent of violence and madness seemed to taint all aspects of the town’s history. It also has more murders, ghosts, and dwarves.

    2. The Loch Ness Monster I mean you literally have to besides Big Foot Nessie is the most popular Cryptid out there.

    3. Vlad the Impaler he’s definitely one of biggest heavy hitters of all time and is what spawned count Dracula and after the Ripper episodes I know you guys could kick ass with it.



    What about the servant girl annihilator case from the 1880s in Austin Texas?



    Luis Garavito and/or Pedro Lopéz.

    Garavito being big, limping, scarred by burns and drunk drifting around South America is terrifying.

    Gille de Rais would also be brutal and awesome.




    Love the podcast! I would love to hear thoughts on Aileen Wuornos, Michael Alig (you guys already mentioned Party Monster), and maybe Lizzie Borden!



    I think a topic on supernatural genitals or genital folklore would be hilarious. There’s a surprising large amount of information on it.



    I think you guys should cover the Dougway Chemical Experiments. Dougway is much like Edgewood and many men from Edgewood actually worked at Dougway itself. Dougway is located in Tooele County, Utah and is a former large military base. At this base they tested chemical and nerve agents, as well as superviruses and more on both employees and animals. In one instance a nerve agent even escaped the facility and killed all the sheep in the vicinity but it was covered up. The most sinister part about Dougway though was that Dougway had all of the employees sign a contract stating they could not ever get autopsies or bloodwork taken after they had died. Many men also contracted many forms of cancer from these experiments, On top of this whenever people tried to fight back and say they didn’t want these experiments done the government fought back and tried to ruin them, one lady in particular that inactually know personally. I think this would be a very interesting topic to cover especially since it took place in my home town and is still a very shady topic surrounding the town today.



    I misspelt it above but it is spelt Dugway. Something I forgot to mention about the Dugway military base is that at this base there was also weaponized viruses and even weaponized insects being developed (mostly mosquitos). There was such a wide variety of experiments and projects going on at this facility and I think it would be an incredibly Interesting topic, and in my opinion is much more sinister than Edgewood

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    Hi I just signed up for the forum because I have a pretty good killer to cover. Google Ronald Gene Simmons and just read the Wikipedia article. I live in the town next to where he killed at and I think it deserves a look at. If you don’t look it up just know that he killed all of his family over the course of a Christmas gathering. Also I would add to whunt7513’s idea with talking about Camp Lejeune. My family lived there for a while and the fucked up thing about the area is that they housed a lot of their personnel on top of a toxic dump essentially. There are a lot of families that came out of there with super fucked up conditions. My uncle got a pretty messed up version of lung cancer partly from the exposure from there. Luckily they moved away from there before my mom could be exposed to it directly. I think an episode just covering military base conspiracies would be a really good idea too.



    Elisa Lam could fill an episode easy. I’m sure it’s on your radar, and I know you guys mentioned it before. There’s a thread on 4chan’s /x/ every week just about rehashing what went on.

    After this footage, and about a month after she went missing, Elisa Lam was later found dead inside a water tank on the hotel roof. She was also bipolar and prone to unstable moods. Folks complained about low water pressure and black water with a weird smell.

    The way she moves is almost like a dance. The elevator door never closes. I don’t think she was murdered, and I think she was having some sort of mental failure. I really want to put up other ideas, her moments are so ritualistic, and the tanks were unlocked, but not easy to get to. She posted a tarot card on her tumblr. It’s easy to think that magick could be involved somehow.

    I’m going to post some synchronicities with this incident and other stuff that probably isn’t any kind of clue to how it happened but interesting.

    There’s a test for tuberculosis called LAM-ELISA. Some people speculate she may have had TB because of how she acted and it is true that there was an outbreak in the past on skid-row.

    There is a card of the nwo illumanati card game called Eliza and shows a girl melting into a digital blue background.

    A link to her tumblr, which is still up.

    The Black Dahila, Elizabeth Short was said to have visited the hotel before her death.

    This is the same hotel that Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker stayed in.

    In 2015 there was a similar water tank death in Malaysia of a man named Chuan Wan Chooi.

    There is an urban legion in Korea of an Elevator game, in which you do the proper steps to get into another dimension.

    There was a Japanese movie called “Dark Waters” that featured an elevator scene and water tank scene very very similar to the incident.

    You could honestly do an entire show on just the horrors that happened in the hotel she was staying in, the Hotel Cecil in LA.



    The Axeman of New Orleans



    The Family, a notorious Australian cult, the children in the Family, their hair was dyed white and they were given dosages of LSD, beatings, brainwashing, ruined their lives, all run by a crazy rich Australian socialite. Despite the best attempts by the police, she never did time for what she did.

    A new doco is coming out:

    and a book, written by an Australian journalist, is out now.



    The Diner mass shooting at Luby’s in Killeen, TX…



    How about the Mandella Effect and the fact that perception is reality in the hologram we exist in??

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