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Nerd of Mouth is a weekly podcast focusing on everything nerd, from comics to video games, TV shows to movies, and everything in between. Expect some action figure talk somewhere in there too.

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Episode: 203


Jeff Ayers joins the show to talk Forbidden Planet, corporate comic shops, fifty-cent comics, Marvel weddings, and Arkham Knight!

Episode: 199

Way Down in Kosovo

Christi Chiello and Sharron Paul join N.O.M to dig out the earwigs that are summer jams: 'Crazy in Love', 'Umbrella', and beyond.

Episode: 202

Mr. Deadpool

Marvel's Jordan D. White joins the guys to talk Deadpool, Star Wars, Punisher, and working with the comic industry's biggest talents.

Episode: 201

Every Show Has Its Dorne

Evan Williams returns to talk Game of Thrones Season 5! No duh: spoilers.

Episode: 200

That's So Kraven

Comic book writer Dan Slott joins the guys to talk about - what else - COMICS! Also: fans, furries, and gay J. Jonah Jameson.

Episode: 198

Albino Vader

This week, the guys review MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!

Episode: 197

There Is No Gorilla City

Super-producer Marcus Parks joins a roundup of favorite origin stories!

Episode: 196

Fuck Love

Nore Davis joins the guys to talk terrible auditions, TMNT pride, and Marcus' blistering review of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Episode: 195

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Meghan O'Keefe (Decider) and Tristan Cooper (Dorkly) join the gang to hash out Avengers: Age of Ultron. Spoilers aplenty!

Episode: 194

Neckbeard Status Conferred Upon You

Simeon Goodson joins the fray to talk wrasslin', Iceman's coming-out, and the mega-hot egg-opening video phenomenon that all the kids love.

Episode: 193

Fortune Wookie

Fellow nerd Matt Little joins the guys to discuss the buzz surrounding the recent spate of movie trailers.

Episode: 192


Nick Vatterott joins Jake & Marcus to illuminate the wonderful world of talking animal movies!

Episode: 190

Down Periscope With Diabetes

The second "versus" episode! Mike & Jake sit on the sideline of fantasy fights: a TMNT brawl, Caddyshack v. Happy Gilmore, and Cap'n Crunch v. the Gordon's Fisherman.

Episode: 189

Wrestlemania 31

Former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein joins Mike & Jake to preview Wrestlemania 31!

Episode: 188

The Nibbler of Spider-Man

Dorkly contributor Tristan Cooper joins the fray to chat about the new Daredevil series.

Episode: 187


This week, it's the second message bag episode! Mike & Jake answer all of your questions about wrasslin', RPG minutia, and the future of the Marvel universe.

Episode: 186


Mike & Jake are joined by illustrator Brad Walker to talk comic conventions, the comic book industry, and online pedants.

Episode: 185

The Knuckles of Murderfist

Mike & Jake are joined by Holden McNeely to talk the unfinished business of gaming - Dark Souls, Mega Man, and more. Also: more J.K. Simmons.

Episode: 184

Oscar Roundup (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

It's Oscar time as Mike & Jake are joined by comedians Joe List and Sarah Tollemache to talk Forrest Gump, Boyhood, Birdman, J.K. Simmons, and American Sniper.

Episode: 183

Jupiter in Retrograde

This week: Mike and Jake hash it out over the new Wachowski siblings' film Jupiter Ascending - in an epic tug-o-war of hopefulness and hatred of bad movies.

Episode: 182

This Sick Beat

Mike & Jake are joined by Christi Chiello to talk the Super Bowl, the Grammy Awards and Christi's voice.

Episode: 181

White Trash Whisperer

Filmmaker Zac Amico joins the show to talk tawdry tales of Troma romance, cam girls, and that time Sting pretended to be The Joker.

Episode: 180

'Tis Only a Flesh Wound

This week, Mike & Jake take a collective deep breath to release a litany of nerd gripes - including the White Hero's "unlimited HP" and the unnecessary inclusion of "The Kid".

Episode: 179

Drink a Beer, Own a Bible, Kill the President

Nick Mullen joins the show to speak on the nature of going viral.

Episode: 178

Nerd Rock Bottom

Mike and Jake invites Evan Williams to discuss Evan's ludicrous Hulk figurine purchase and other nerd rock bottoms.

Episode: 177

From Rags to Morales

MIke and Jake discuss Nerd Year's Resolutions...

Episode: 176

Sorry, Scorpions

Keith Malley (Keith and the Girl) stops by the 'cast to discuss his undying love of metal music and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episode: 175

The Pursuit of Mappiness

Nick Vatterott returns to talk pinball wizards, video game speedruns and nerd culture!

Episode: 174

A Side of Guilt

Chemda Khalili and Tim Dillon return for another food episode stuffed with talk of Thanksgiving meal indiscretions.

Episode: 173

Happy Thanksgiving

A "Happy Thanksgiving" from Nerd of Mouth! Now, BE WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Episode: 173

Robbie & Valerie

Mike & Jake discuss the original superheroes sitcom, The Fantastic Four, in all its iterations.

Episode: 172

The Female Battletoad

This week, it's a potpourri episode with talk of Cosby memes, Gamergate, Big Hero 6 and Interstellar.

Episode: 171

Live at the New York Comedy Festival

This week on Nerd of Mouth: It's a live recording from the New York Comedy Festival as Jake and Mike welcome return guest Meghan O'Keefe and Robert Dean to talk about all the comic book movies from Marvel and DC coming out in the next six years.

Episode: 170

Beetlejuice's Rock 'n' Roll Graveyard Revue

Reid Faylor joins in on this week's discussion: favorite monsters of the silver screen!

Episode: 169

Chasing Amazing

Mark Ginocchio ( joins the guys to discuss his quest to acquire every issue of Amazing Spider-Man!

Episode: 168

Allergic To Rocks

This week, it's Mike, Jake and super-producer Marcus talking fantasy fights from the cosmically all-powerful to the gee-he's-good-at-archery variety.

Episode: 167

We Want Hot Dogs

Mike & Jake invite comedians Eli Sairs, Anthony Devito and Ali Prier to talk wrasslin' and review the most recent Monday Night RAW.

Episode: 166

Shut Up, You Penguin

This week, Mike & Jake's collective "Huh-whaa--?" in reaction to the Gotham pilot.

Episode: 165

Call Me Bright Eyes

John Roy and Eric Grundhauser join Mike and Jake to ridiculous 80s TV theme songs and the silver linings of bad movies.

Episode: 164

Apples & Oranges

Tim Dillon joins Mike & Jake to chat about competitive apple pie-making, the Spider-Woman controversy, O.J. Simpson and the leak of celeb nudes.

Episode: 163


In an alternate reality, the subject of this week's Nerd of Mouth is about surfing and suntanning; but in this reality, Mike and Jake are back with Josh Gondelman, talking about parallel universes.

Episode: 162

Sir Oinks-A-Lot

Josh Gondelman joins Mike & Jake to investigate just where the hell the Simpsons went wrong...

Episode: 161

Guess I'm Captain America Now

It's a Minisode turned Regularsode this week as Jake, Marcus and guest Anthony DeVito are joined by Mike halfway through a discussion on fictional weapons --- ultimately answering the question, "Does Marcus Parks always have a knife on him?"

Episode: 160

Turtles, Besmirched

Mike & Jake take on the new Ninja Turtles movie and the death of Robin Williams.

Episode: 159

NIc Cage Today

Mike and Jake catch up over some talk about George Takei, Nicolas Cage, the Tuskegee experiment, LA and the Florida Supercon.

Episode: 158

We Are Groot

Jake and returning champion Mike Lawrence are joined by Rob Stern to dig into Guardians of the Galaxy!

Episode: 157

Mini-episode: Zack Snyder's Wonder Woman

This week, Mike talks Zack Snyder's Wonder Woman in a mini-episode of Nerd of Mouth.

Episode: 156

Nerd Stuff Doesn't Stop

Jake is joined by Eli Sairs and Bill Stiteler to return to the Star Wars rumor mill and to play a riveting game of "Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are You?"

Episode: 155

Mini-episode: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This week, it's Mike's review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in a mini-episode of Nerd of Mouth!

Episode: 154

Nerd Raccoons

Comedians Megan O'Keefe and Eric Grundhauser join lone wolf Jake Young to chat about the Snowpiercer film, the new Yahoo-funded adventures of Community, and Chris O'Dowd.

Episode: 153

Magic is Wack

Mike is still in LA! But Jake is joined by Lafayette Wright, Matt Maragno and Tyler Richardson to talk sniveling nerds, Snowpiercer, Michelle Obama, the works of Brian Michael Bendis, magic being wack and Tinder in Japan.

Episode: 152

Bastion and Beyond

In Mike's absence, Jake is joined by voice actor Logan Cunningham (the narrator in Bastion!) and producer Marcus to talk Jean-Luc Picard, Lord of the Rings and, of course, Bastion.

Episode: 151

Terrible Movies

Nate Fernald (Pete Holmes Show) stops by to chat with Mike and Jack about the worst movies they've ever sat through --- from Encino Woman to the Super Mario Bros. adaptation.

Episode: 150

150th Hangout Session

It's the 150th episode of Nerd of Mouth! Mike and Jake forgo a guest to talk shop about Ant-Man, Edge of Tomorrow, X-Men and a bunch of other stuff.

Episode: 149

Super Teams

Quackenbush returns to countdown favorite super teams with Mike, Jake and producer Marcus.

Episode: 148

Godzilla vs. X-Men

Mike, Jake and Hassan Madri assemble to stomp on the Godzilla reboot and examine the new X-Men sequel.

Episode: 147

Once You Go Thanagarian...

Professional wrestler and founder of Chikara, Mike Quackenbush, steps into the ring to discuss the crossover elements of professional wrestling and comic book lore.

Episode: 146

The Magic Castle

Comedian and magician Harrison Greenbaum joins Mike and Jake to demystify the wide world of performance magic—from The Magic Castle to FISM (a.k.a, the "Olympics of magic").

Episode: 145

The A(meh)zing Spider-Man

Greg Stone joins the fray to review both the trailer for the Gotham TV series and The Amazing Spider Man 2 film: which was more of a letdown?

Episode: 144

Respect Is Something You Urn

Comedian Myq Kaplan stops by to discuss Stan Lee's afterlife, Mike's trip to the Marvel offices, Archie's apocalypse, the "hegan's" dilemma and puns—so many puns.

Episode: 143


Comedian Andy Sandford joins Mike and Jake to talk the spectrum of fighting styles, New York ninjas, the origins of Christopher Lambert and quite possibly the most bizarre Hulk Hogan movie scene in existence.

Episode: 142


Comedians Casey James Salengo and Bob Hansen jump into the ring with Mike & Jake to discuss all things pro-wrestling. History is dredged up with talk of WrestleMania through the ages and Bob's own wrestler past.

Episode: 141

The Winter Soldier

Comedian Anthony DeVito joins Mike & Jake to review the new film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (WARNING: Includes spoilers)

Episode: 140

New Kevin Costner

Mike & Jake joined by Producer Marcus Parks discuss Raid 2: Berandal, the Lego movie and rank the comic movies coming out in 2014 from best to worst. Plus, RIP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episode: 139


Brothers Nick and Chris Vatterott sit down with Mike & Jake to talk all things pinball.

Episode: 138

Don’t Get Pulled Over

Comedian Nick Turner returns to help boost Mike’s confidence for his upcoming driver’s license test, offers stories of car accidents involving the elderly and everyone collectively agrees going to prison is to be avoided.

Episode: 137

I'll Make Flowers With You

Comedian Dan Soder drops by the studio to discuss HBO’s True Detective (SPOILERS), why concerts in NYC are the worst and looks back at the childhood classic The Sandlot.

Episode: 136

After the Pizza Bit

Mike & Jake, with producer Marcus Parks, reflect on Ellen DeGeneres’ hosting of the Oscars and what movies and TV shows you should watch this year.

Episode: 135

The 2014 Oscars

Comedian Evan Davis joins Mike & Jake to talk about the upcoming Academy Awards.

Episode: 134

Your Twitter Questions

Mike & Jake joined by comedians Gonzalo Cordova, Lafayette Wright, and Matthew Maragno answer questions submitted by the listeners.

Episode: 133

Valentine’s Day

Mike & Jake invite guests Jackie Zebrowski, Abigoliah Shuman and Justy Dodge to shed light on what it’s like dating nerds, offer helpful relationship advice and to avoid throwing up on a first date.

Episode: 132

Despite All That Personal Turmoil

This week, comedian Tim Dillon returns to talk with Mike & Jake about the untimely passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman and what else sad is happening in celebrity news.

Episode: 131

5 Questions (Part 2)

Mike & Jake return with the second installment of asking nerd questions: from how would you fix Man of Steel to first celebrity crushes? Also discussed are themed weddings, favorite toys and Tony Danza.

Episode: 130

5 Questions (Part 1)

Mike & Jake cozy up in the studio on a wintery night and get to know one another better by asking 5 nerd questions including: least favorite episode of Batman the animated series, 80’s & 90’s practical effects that led to nightmares and as a kid what was the superpower you wanted most.

Episode: 129

Gay Superheroes

Mike & Jake enjoyed comedian Matteo Lane so much on his first appearance, they had to have him back. The gang discusses gay superheroes in comic books, and how they should be represented. Then, things get awfully musical.

Episode: 128

From Russia, with Love

Comedian and scholar Natalie Shure joins the boys to talk about Russian history, and how Scarlett Johansson might not be telling the whole story in THE AVENGERS.

Episode: 127

2013 in Review!

For the first show of the new year, Mike & Jake take some time to reflect on the best and the worst in pop culture from the past 12 months. Enjoy!

Episode: 126

The Nerds of Colonial Times

Comedian Jenny Zigrino stops by the studio to get real about historical reenactments. It doesn't get any nerdier than that.

Episode: 125

Whatta Ripoff!

Comedian and author Dan Wilbur--also of Cave Comedy Radio's TWO BOOK MINIMUM--joins the boys to talk about Shia LaBeouf's plagiarism of Daniel Clowes. Uh oh.

Episode: 124

The Dark Cloud of Tokenism

Comedians Meghan O'Keefe and Matteo Lane join the boys to discuss the news of Wonder Woman's addition to SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN. Really, was Wonder Woman ever given her due?

Episode: 123

Prince Valiant

Valiant Comics was one of the great independent publishers of the 90s, and are in the middle of a massive relaunch. Comedian and current Valiant staffer Chris Daniels comes on to talk about the state of the industry, and what Valiant is doing to make things great for indie comics again!

Episode: 122

The Blackest of Fridays

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and that means the shopping wars are on. Comedian, actor, and bon vivant James Adomian joins the boys to swap Black Friday horror stories!

Episode: 121

THOR 2 Review!

Comedian, actor, and writer Adam Conover joins the boys to talk about THOR 2.

Episode: 120

Thanks, The Internet!

Writer and comedian Gonzalo Cordova joins the boys to talk about the effects of the internet on nerd culture.

Episode: 119


Comedian and Batman fanatic Evan Williams comes back to the show to break down the newest Batman game, ARKHAM ORIGINS!

Episode: 118

Family Sitcoms

The writer, director, and star of the hilarious webseries FAMILY BUM, Ben Seccombe, drops by to talk family sitcoms and the insane tropes therein.

Episode: 117

New York Comic-Con Recap!

Mike's favorite guest, comedian Josh Gondelman, joins the boys to talk about comic-con culture, and if they've jumped the shark.

Episode: 116

The Best Coast

Comedians Shane Torres (from Portland, OR) and Ron Babcock (from Los Angeles) share their experiences of west coast living, and their consumption of TV. BOOM!

Episode: 115

The Trolls Are Back

Mike was on CONAN last week, and the online commentary was a bit harsh, particularly on Reddit. Comedian and Reddit moderator Nathan Anderson tries to reassure him that the world isn't just full of trolls. 

Episode: 114

50 Years of X-Men and The Avengers!

September marks the 50th anniversaries of both X-Men and The Avengers! Mike and Jake reflect on the legacies of both comic mega-franchises.

Episode: 113

Street Fights & Video Games

Today on Nerd of Mouth, the boys welcome comedian, club manager, and bona fide nerd Ray Gootz to talk about the fistfight he got into over X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and how much GTA V everyone's gotten through in the first 24 hours of release.

Episode: 112

Wrestling Check-In

It's that time--when Jake watched Mike put on feats of wrestling commentary display that dazzle and boggle! Comedians Scott Chaplain and Patrick Schroeder join in on the fun!

Episode: 110

Green Screen Budgets

From Arsenio to Ben Affleck, comedians Mike Drucker & Dan St. Germain help Mike & Jake break down the biggest headlines in nerddom this week.

Episode: 109

The Reference King!

Comedian Maddog Mattern may not appear to be a fount of pop-culture knowledge on first blush, but listen as he takes Mike & Jake down the rabbit hole of cinematic and televisual ephemera. It's a jaw-dropper!

Episode: 108

Lex "Walter White" Luthor

Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor? Be still our beating hearts! It may happen in the next Superman movie, and the boys take the occasion to ruminate on the end of BREAKING BAD.

Episode: 107

Spider-Man Buying Spree!

Writer and blogger Mark Ginocchio is on a mission: Buy every single issue THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Will he succeed in his quest? He tells the boys all about the journey on this week's episode!

Episode: 106

The Wolverine Review!

THE WOLVERINE is out in the world, and the boys invite comedians Evan Williams, Matt Maragno, and Tim Dillon to discuss the state of superhero movies and Hollywood.

Episode: 105

Comic-Con Recap!

Writer Brett White returns to the show to regale the gang with tales of Comic-Con. It's more surreal than you ever thought possible!

Episode: 104

Pacific Rim Review!

Comedian Eric Grundhauser drops by the studio to talk about the Guillermo Del Toro live-action anime blockbuster PACIFIC RIM. Spoiler alert: Mike & Jake's opinions differ. Hold onto your butts! 

Episode: 103

The Crappy Cinema Council

Hosts of the Crappy Cinema Council, Jim Crocamo and Jim Van Blaricum, join the guys to talk about the joys of discovering the weird, wild, and hilarious in the dark corners of movie history.

Episode: 102

Comic Book Review!

Mike and Jake are joined by Marcus to talk about what's going on in new comic books this summer. Spoiler alert: It's a mixed bag. Tune in!

Episode: 101

The Apocalypse

Mike and Jake had an idea about the direction of this week's show, and then the apocalypse got in the way. Are movies about the end of the world capturing the zeitgeist? Let's find out!

Episode: 100

Man of Steel Review!

It's the 100th episode, and what better way to celebrate than to deal with MAN OF STEEL? Comedian Matt Maragno and writer Meghan O'Keefe join Mike and Jake to parse Zack Snyder's summer behemoth, and whether Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer could help shape Superman's future for the better.

Episode: 99

Console Wars

E3 has been wrought upon humanity, and with it comes the PS4 & Xbox One! Comedian Lafayette Wright drops by to discuss the latest developments in popular video gaming.

Episode: 98

Fame and Fortune

The one and only Henry Zebrowski drops into the studio to tell Mike and Jake about his recent experiences acting in a Scorsese movie, and what it's like to meet true satanists while promoting his Adult Swim show, YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL.

Episode: 97

Beware the Trolls!

Mike has got a huge week this week: His debut album, SADAMANTIUM, is out now on Amazon and iTunes! What's more, his half-hour special on Comedy Central premieres on Friday, May 31st, at I guess that's technically Saturday. Either way, he and Jake ask comedian Nick Turner for advice on how to handle the critics. Shit is real!!!

Episode: 96

Milton Fingered

Today on Nerd of Mouth: show favorite Jared Logan joins Mike and Jake to talk about Star Trek: Into Darkness and whether or not Bill Finger ever deserved anything for helping in the creation of Batman.

Episode: 95

Legion of Sad

Comedian Dan St. Germain joins the boys to talk about sadness in pop culture, from Tom Waits and Elliott Smith to A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS and THE SOPRANOS. Grab a box of Kleenex and get ready for the tears!

Episode: 94

Iron Man 3 Review!

It's the IRON MAN 3 review show! Mike and Jake seek to knock Marvel Studios and their Disney overlords down a peg. They succeed.

Episode: 93

Wistful Nostalgia

Mike and Jake are joined by comedian Andy Sandford to talk about the magic of Sega Genesis, Superman, and Andy's work on AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE.

Episode: 92


This week on Nerd of Mouth: the boys discuss Injustice: Gods Among Us and the various villains floating around the DC Universe.

Episode: 91

Chewbacca Crush

This week on NOM: comedians Dustin Chafin and Leah Bonema join the boys to talk about Roger Ebert, the new Evil Dead, and strange crushes involving sci-fi characters.

Episode: 90

Acne vs Bacne

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike discuss who won last week's Sunday Night Battle: Game of Thrones or Walking Dead.

Episode: 89

Wrestlemania Preview

This week on NOM: Mike and special guest co-host Scott Chaplain talk about the matches in the upcoming Wrestlemania.

Episode: 87

One for Norbit

This week on Nerd of Mouth: comedian and blogger Phoebe Robinson joins Jake and Mike to talk about daytime TV talk shows, the portrayal of black women in media, and Jay Leno's eventual, horrible fate.

Episode: 88

Toy Hunting with Jordan Hembrough

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jordan Hembrough, host of the Travel Channel show Toy Hunter, joins Mike and Jake to talk about the disappointments awaiting most people looking to sell their toys, being a consultant on the first X-Men movie, and the great Beanie Baby crash of the late nineties.

Episode: 86

The Food Episode with Tim Dillon and Chemda

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Mike and Jake welcome comedian Tim Dillon and Chemda from Keith and the Girl to talk about food, from the many flavors of Haagen Dazs to the wonderful versatility of the potato.

Episode: 85

Silent Hill Myspace

This week on Nerd of Mouth: comedian Jason Saenz joins Jake and Mike to tell them about his recent experience with UGO while Mike talks about his brief period at the Myspace company.

Episode: 84


This week on Nerd of Mouth: special guest Ryan Sorensen joins Mike and Jake to talk about Kevin Smith's terrible choices as a comic book writer, all the times the boys have urinated themselves, and The Wizard. 

Episode: 83

The Daywalker

This week on Nerd of Mouth: non-nerdy nerd and comedian Evan Williams drops in the compare his own serious struggles with drug addiction to nerd addictions. You decide which is more harmful.

Episode: 82

So Very Tired

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Mike and Jake talk about aging action stars, TV show based on cartoons, and the rumors about Paul Giamatti play The Rino in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

Episode: 81

A Different World

This week on Nerd of Mouth: comedian Uncle Yo joins Jake and Mike to talk about performing at cons and what it's like to perform to exclusively nerd audiences.

Episode: 80

Growing Old Nerd

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Mike, having just turned thirty, brings in comedian Ron Krasnow, a 40 year old nerd, to talk about what happens as geeks grow older while Jake shows off his 28 year old virility.

Episode: 79

Track and Field

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Mike tells suitably horrible stories about his experiences with sports and Jake regales us with tales about fat camp, plus former athletes and comedians Michelle Wolf and Brendan Eyre join the boys to discuss the nerdier sides of sports.

Episode: 78

A Year of Bests

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike talk about the year's best nerd properties and actually struggle to name the worst.

Episode: 77

Their Native Estonia

Today on Nerd of Mouth: Danny Hatch of Keith and the Girl joins Mike and Jake to talk about The Hobbit, Danny's first trip to the Creek, and how sweet it is to live in NYC compared to the respective hell holes they came from.

Episode: 76

The Joy of Theater

This week on Nerd of Mouth: comedian Nick Turner joins Mike and Jake to talk about his past in the theater and why being a theater nerd in New York City is so frustrating.

Episode: 75

75th Episode Spectacular!

On this, the 75th episode of Nerd of Mouth: Timmy Williams from The Whitest Kids You Know joins Mike and Jake for such topics of conversation as Anne Ramsey, the Punisher, and the upcoming DC movies.

Episode: 74

Rise and Fall

This week on Nerd of Mouth: comedian Kara Klenk joins Mike and Jake for a discussion about Glee and good shows gone bad.

Episode: 73

One for Green Lantern Please

This week on Nerd of Mouth: special return guest John Roy joins Mike and Jake to talk about why Mike is compeled to watch every horrible comic book movie, whether nerdiness is pleasure or pain based, and inspiring moments in comic book history.

Episode: 72


This week on Nerd of Mouth: Star Wars expert and comedian Joe Machi discusses the Disney merger, the future of the franchise, and how the extended universe might fit into it all.

Episode: 71

Broken Feet

This week on Nerd of Mouth: special guest Justin Murray drops by as the boys discuss Deadpool, video game creation tutorials, and their least favorite comic book artists.

Episode: 70

The Dream

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike welcome comedian Matt McCarthy into the studio to talk about his year writing for the WWE.

Episode: 69

Mike's Scottish Adventure

This week on Nerd of Mouth: he's back! Mike returns from his trip to Scotland to regale us with many a tale from the land of Nessy.

Episode: 68

Mission to Mars

This week on Nerd of Mouth: the nerds welcome science expert Reid Faylor into the studio to discuss the recent Mars landing.

Episode: 67


This week on Nerd of Mouth: Mike and Jake discuss their favorite superhero costumes!

Episode: 66

The Dark Knight Rises

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Mike and Jake review The Dark Knight Rises.

Episode: 65

Real Life Superheros

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike welcome back Tony Zaret and Josh Gondelman into the studio to discuss the phenomena of real life superheroes.

Episode: 64

The Amazing Spider-Man

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike review The Amazing *shudder* Spider-Man.

Episode: 63

Death to Gloria

Today on Nerd of Mouth: comedians Josh Gondelman and Tony Zaret join the nerds to talk about slash fiction and how our standards for entertainment has become impossibly high, plus Tony brings in The Box.

Episode: 62


This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike discuss their favorite weapons from comic books, movies, and video games.

Episode: 61

The Little Guy

This week on Nerd of Mouth: the boys name their top three secondary characters who should get their own series, including Night Nurse, Alfred, and Doc Ock's arms.

Episode: 60

Alan Scott? Really?

This week on Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Mike discuss DC's decision to make Alan Scott gay and other grave disappointments including Hush, Battlestar Galactica, and of course, Episode One.

Episode: 59

Better Than Elvis

This week on Nerd of Mouth: musical and stand-up comedian Tim Dimond drops by to discuss the world of musical comedy.

Episode: 58

The (Possibly) Gay Detective

This week on Nerd of Mouth: today brings you discussions on such diverse topics as the odd voices of the Captain N, the movies of Jean Claude Van Damme, and DC's announcement of an upcoming reveal of a gay main character, plus comedian Zach Broussard joins us in the studio.

Episode: 57

The Avengers!

This week on NOM: Mike and Jake review The Avengers, which, predictably, they love more than life itself.

Episode: 56

Eye Nipples

Today on Nerd of Mouth: comedian and hardcore comic book fan John Roy joins us in the studio to discuss opening for Ed Brubaker and his disdain for all things cosmic, plus Mike reveals why he has a nerd tumor.

Episode: 55


Today on Nerd of Mouth: repeat guests Greg Stone and Matt Muragno join Mike and Jake to discuss their favorite action movies.

Episode: 54

The Joker

Today on Nerd of Mouth: former guests Greg Stone and Matt Muragno join Jake and Mike in the studio to discuss just why Batman has never killed the Joker.

Episode: 53

Nerd Strong!

Today on Nerd of Mouth: comedian and personal trainer Billy Prinsell joins the boys in the studio to talk about fitness nerds and his fascination with Disney characters.

Episode: 52

Top Dollar!

Today on Nerd of Mouth: special guest Emily Heller comes in to talk about awesome business cards, San Francisco's arcades, and how professionals have sucked the joy out of fighting games.

Episode: 51

It's Zanin' Men

On this week's Nerd of Mouth, the boys are joined by comedian Josh Gondelman to discuss their current loves and hates, including Game Center CX, Comic Book Men and Breaking Bad, plus Marcus tells of his experiences working at Lubbock's own Star Books & Comics.

Episode: 50


On today's Nerd of Mouth, Mike reviews Ghost Rider: Vengeance! Spoiler: it's adequate!

Episode: 49

Black History Month

On this special edition of Nerd of Mouth, Jake and Mike bring comedian Jarrid Reed to talk about the experience of being a black nerd plus Mike breaks comedy with the best Spawn/Bushwick comparison ever.

Episode: 49

The Team: Supervillians

On this week's mini-episode, Jake and Mike put together their villain dream teams.

Episode: 47

Before Watchmen

On today's episode, Mike and Jake are joined by repeat guest Matt Muragno to discuss the upcoming Before Watchmen project.

Episode: 46

Medieval Times!

On today's episode, the boys and a few of their friends come into the studio to talk about their Medieval Times experience on the occasion of Mike's birthday.

Episode: 45

The Team

On today's Nerd of Mouth: Jake and Michael put together their dream super teams!

Episode: 44

House Nerd or Field Nerd

Today the Nerds look forward to the projects of 2012, including The Avengers movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and the inevitable disappointments to come.

Episode: 43

The Best (But Mostly The Worst) of 2011

Today's episode brings you the Nerds best and worst of 2011. The best pretty much just consists of The Muppet Movie. Featuring special guest Subhah Nargawahl!

Episode: 42


The Great Anime Debate continues on Nerd of Mouth this week (albeit briefly) and special guest David Cope explains why he sold Skyrim after only a few hours of playing. IT'S TOO GOOD.

Episode: 41


On today's Nerd of Mouth, Mike, Jake, and special guest Gonzalo Cordova make their best Netflix Instant Queue nerd recommendations.

Episode: 40

Shame Itself Part Two: Victor Varnado

Comedic comic book writers abound! In our continuing Shame Itself interview series, the Nerds welcome Victor Varnado into the studio to discuss his contribution to the anthology and his new project World of LARP.

Episode: 39

Favorite Families

Happy Thanksgiving! On this special Thanksgiving mini-episode of Nerd of Mouth, Jake and Mike talk about their favorite comic book families.

Episode: 38

Shame Itself

Join the Nerds this episode as they welcome Cave Comedy Radio's own Sara Benincasa to talk about her involvement in the new Marvel project Fear Itself, what it's like to write for comics despite having no idea where to start, and the difficulty of pitching Spider-Man jizz jokes.

Episode: 37


On today's episode, the nerds discuss Arkham City, the inherent nerdiness of game trophies, and why superhero movie leaks don't really matter.

Episode: 36

The Halloween Special

Well, for the first five minutes at least. Join the nerds plus special guest Danny Solomon as they discuss Halloween memories, Star Trek, and the problem with Putties.

Episode: 35

The Joy of Back Issues

On this mini-episode, Mike and Jake discuss the joy of back issues, particularly of the Marvel variety.

Episode: 34

Who Wants To Be a Nerd?

On this week's Nerd of Mouth, Mike and Jake welcome Emmy Award winning writer and blog nerd Sara Schaeffer into the studio to discuss her winning the nerdiest Emmy possible, her time writing for Jimmy Fallon's blog, and her newest job writing for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

Episode: 33

Cave Comedy Radio Live October: Jews!

It's Nerd of Mouth, live from The Creek and The Cave! Join the Nerds as they pay homage to the great Jews of comic books in honor of Rosh Hashanah.

Episode: 32

My Scowl Says Jubilee

Today on Nerd of Mouth, blogger and comedian Megan O'Keefe joins Mike and Jake to discuss her blog My Mom Watches Game of Thrones, whether the nineties X-Men cartoon holds up or not, and the travesty that is the new Amanda Waller.

Episode: 31

Powerbombing Frodo

Join the nerds today as they welcome special guest Dan St. Germain into the studio to discuss the WWE C.M. Punk storyline, grandpa ghosts, and Iron Man t-shirts, among other things.

Episode: 30

The Kings of Kong-edy

Join the Nerds this episode as they welcome comedian and CCR favorite Nick Vatterott into the studio to discuss King of Kong, mid-nineties children's television sketch shows, and how to swoop into a D&D game and completely throw their entire world into chaos.

Episode: 29

Fantasy, Game of Thrones, and The Cap-Wolf Defense

I'm sure you know by now that Mike is definitely not a fan of the fantasy genre. However! This week we've got our man Brian Baldinger in the studio to defend his passion while Jake plays mediator. Tune in to hear how The Cap-Wolf Defense is used this time!

Episode: 28

The Addiction

Addiction can be an ugly thing, but there's no addiction on the planet quite like that of a nerd's. On this episode, Mike, Jake, and special guest Greg Stone discuss Greg and Mike's crippling addiction to action figures; the hunt, what drives them, and how Mike finally kicked it.

Episode: 27


Join the boys and special guest James Adomian as they discuss what makes a good and bad villain, including a discussion about why all Disney villains (and many others) are flaming homosexual stereotypes.

Episode: 26

Is Nerd Culture Dead?

Probably not! Join the boys plus return guests Hassan Madri and Matt Muragno as they debate Patton Oswalt's Wired article on the same subject.

Episode: 25

Hail Captian!

In the last of their Summer Movie Series, the Mouths review possibly the best of the summer movies, Captain America!

Episode: 24

Mini-Episode: Submitted For Your Approval

On our second mini-episode, the boys discuss the best of sci-fi television, including The Twilight Zone, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek, and Dr. Who/Torchwood.

Episode: 23

Episode 23: Ow, My Groin!

It's about time we got around to some Simpsons love. On this special round table edition of Nerd of Mouth, Simpsons nerds Neal Stastny and Danny Solomon join in on thirty straight minutes of our favorite moments. Let the quotes floweth!

Episode: 22

Starcraft, Zelda, and the Nintendo's Betrayal

On this, our E3 report episode, special guest Kevin Barnett comes in to discuss Starcraft (naturally), how Zelda's gotten all bitched up over the years, and how Nintendo has abandoned the people who made it great.

Episode: 21

Reboot Time!

Out with the suck, in with the AWESOME! In honor of DC's complete continuity reboot, Nerd of Mouth is following suit, bringing special guest Jared Logan along with us.

Episode: 20

Green Lantern

It’s Green Lantern time on this, the second to last in our summer movie review series.

Episode: 19

Guilty Pleasures

On this special mini-episode, the boys discuss their guilty nerd pleasures, nineties Superboy and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Episode: 18

X-Men First Class

In this, the second in our summer superhero movie review series, Mike and Jake review X-Men: First Class. It ain’t pretty. Sound off in the comments if you disagree!

Episode: 17

Men, Macho and Otherwise

On this very special episode, the boys relate their favorite Macho Man Randy Savage memories, plus special guest Nathan Anderson comes in to talk about growing up with a geek father all the boys lament the death of the true non-internet loner nerd.

Episode: 16

The F Word

Can nerds really stop using the word gay when describing something they don’t like? Find out on this episode as special guest Brett White joins us to discuss why we need to find another adjective. Like retarded.

Episode: 15

The Mighty Thor

Join us this episode as comic book movie season kicks off with the release of Thor, which was actually pretty damn amazing. Tune in to hear a full review of the movie (Warning! Minor spoilers contained within).

Episode: 14

No Choice

It’s a question many of us have asked; did we make a conscious decision to be nerds, or did we have no choice in the matter? Tune in as Mike, Jake, and special guest Brent Schmidt reflect on their pasts trying to answer the query.

Episode: 13

The Professional

Join Mike and Jake this week as they welcome Fallen Angel artist and co-creator J.K. Woodward into the studio to talk about working with Peter David, his transition from fine art into the world of comic books, and how hard it is to find a sober artist at any given comic book convention. Check out art from J.K. Woodward at his website!

Episode: 12


It’s movie time! Tune in to hear Mike and Jake go through their top threes/bottom threes of comic book adaptations. As it usually goes, things get ugly.

Episode: 11


Join Mike, Jake, and special guest Josh Guarino on this, the most holy of wrestling weeks as they discuss Wrestlemania XXVII and who should and shouldn’t be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Episode: 10

Mr. Liebowitz

Join us this episode as we have special guest Stan Lee on the phone (not really), the boys discuss Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Bulletstorm, and special guest Alex Grubard comes on the show to talk about what it’s like to be a nerd in college. As if you didn’t already know.

Episode: 9

A Time For Hate

Hate! That’s the theme of this episode. We’ve got one of New York City’s nerdiest and best haters, Hasan Madri in the studio joining the boys to talk about the top three things each of them hates in nerd culture. Tune in and get angry! Specifically Star Wars fans.

Episode: 8

Dwayne McDuffie RIP

It’s a somber edition of Nerd of Mouth this week as Mike and Jake pay their respects to one of the greatest superhero writers of the last few decades, Dwayne McDuffie.

Episode: 7

Nerds Make the Best Lovers

It’s the Valentine’s Day edition! One day after. But the sticky residue of love is still all over this episode as nerd couple Matt Maragno and Julie Liu come in to discuss everything that being in a nerd relationship entails. Listen and be jealous.

Episode: 6

Gonna Take You For a Ride

Join us this episode as the boys celebrate the near-release of Marvel vs Capcom 3. In addition to that, we’ve got guest nerd Neal Stastny in to discuss his obsession with fantasy football.

Episode: 5

The Musical

Tune in this episode as we mourn the death of Wizard Magazine and special guest Jason Saenz comes in to discuss the oh-so-unfortunate Spider-Man musical.

Episode: 4


Join us this episode as Mike and Jake talk about the casting of the new Batman movie and their personal fantasy comic book movies, plus guest and wrestling nerd Dan St. Germain comes into the Cave to discuss the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble.

Episode: 3


Join comedians Jake Young and Mike Lawrence as they discuss the nerd issues of the day, including minority characters in super-hero cartoons, the price of comic books today, and Wonder Girl’s secret nickname.

Episode: 2

Episode 2

It’s another episode of your favorite nerdy-nerd podcast and mine, Nerd of Mouth! Join Jake and Mike as this episode they argue the direction comic book stores are going and the new Thor movie, plus an extravaganza of beat-em-up nostalgia.

Episode: 1

Nerd of Mouth Begins!

Join stand-up comedians Mike Lawrence and Jake Young for a trip through the world of nerdom!