The Roundtable of Gentlemen

The Roundtable of Gentlemen is a weekly podcast that discusses in illuminating detail the events of our time. TRTG are Ed Larson, Kevin Barnett, Jackie Zebrowski, Holden McNeely, and Ben Kissel with newsman Marcus Parks. Tune in every week to hear what The Roundtable of Gentlemen are stinking on!

Episode: 249

The Roast of Kevin Barnett

It's time for the annual Round Table Roast as this year we honor everyone's favorite bird enthusiast, Kevin Barnett. Included this year on the dais is hosts Ben Kissel and Ed Larson plus Jackie Zebrowski, Henry Zebrowski, Holden McNeely, Nimesh Patel, Mike Recine, and Jeffrey Joseph!

Episode: 248


This week on Roundtable: CNN confused by dildo flag, handsome gorillas, a man joins ISIS over cat, Iowa grants gun permits to the blind and man regrets Miley Cyrus tattoos. Joining us today: Micah Sherman & Sarah Nowak!

Episode: 247

Gooshy Skwooshy

This week on Round Table: a prostitute named Throatzilla exposes a Dallas Cowboy on Twitter, a Florida woman is busted for having sex with a pit bull named 2-face, and police are looking for a man who was caught masturbating outside a Kum & Go. Joining us today: Jermaine Fowler and Nick Vatterott!

Episode: 246

Philadelphia Fever

Today on Round Table: a man in Brooklyn is almost arrested for legally grilling a guinnea pig in a Brooklyn park, 1100 piglets die in a tragic accident, and the world's first successful penile transplant recipient gets his girlfriend pregnant. Joining us today: Julie Rosing, Chesley Calloway, and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 245

Round Table Special: Holden Talks For Thirty Minutes

On this Round Table special: Holden talks for thirty minutes.

Episode: 245

War Goat

Today on Round Table: a famous Canadian World War I goat is being immortalized in film, a sock fetishist is caught in a bizarre sting operation, and a Korean teacher eats a guinea pig in front of his class to teach them a lesson. Joining us today: Jordan Temple!

Episode: 244

Drain Dropped

It's a real milk heavy episode of Round Table this week as a woman tricks her roommates into drinking her foot shavings in their milk and a man throws milk on a couple of girls at the 14th St station here in NYC plus a bear buries a woman alive to eat her later. Joining us today: Josh Rabinowitz, Casey James Salengo, and Danny Tamberelli!

Episode: 243

Man in the Tuna

Today on Round Table: a new drug called Flakka sweeps the nation and a Bumblebee Tuna gets cooked along with 12,000 pounds of the fish he most likely despised.

Episode: 242

Like a Lump on a Log

Today on the Round Table: China is looking to ban funeral strippers, a boy is checked for a bevy of STDs after blowing on a used condom, and a pedophile steals a bus in an attempt to use it to kidnap children. Joining us today: Danny Solomon and Amber Nelson!

Episode: 241

Round Table 4/20 P-Funk Special

It's a Round Table spark dat shit 4/20 special as Ed and Marcus interview keyboardist Danny Bedrosian of Parliament Funkadelic about what makes funk, working with George Clinton, and his own solo project Secret Army while also playing some tracks of Funkadelic's new album First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate.

Episode: 240

Ghost Rider

Today on Round Table: piss jugs foul up the side of a Canadian highway, a study reveals that men are more likely to travel back into time to kill Hitler, and a Floridian breaks into an ex's house to defecate on her things. Joining us today: Jake Hart and Rob Cantrell!

Episode: 239

Radio Pig

This week on Round Table: a pig causes a stir at a local Burger King, an Argentinian man dies while having sex with a scarecrow, and a New Hampshire teen is arrested for impersonating a police officer at an ice cream parlor.

Episode: 238

Lord Humongulous

Today on Round Table: a bank robber eats his own feces while testifying at his own trial, a San Francisco prison is accused of running a fight club, and a particularly creative Englishman is using a webcam to live stream his own decay after death. Joining us today: Chris Laker, Jake Young, Mike Guild, and Matt Maragno!

Episode: 237

Turdy Point Buck

This week on Round Table: America loses the name Gary, a falconer loses his falcon to a duck enthusiast, and a Florida man loses his iguana business to the law.

Episode: 236

Walking On Broken Glass

Today on Round Table: another serial pooper shows up in Akron, a bride dumps a groom at the altar for being unable to do simple arithmetic, and a 75 year old woman chokes a rabid raccoon to death. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski and Micah Sherman!

Episode: 235

The Snow Outside Is Fatter Than The Bride

Today on Round Table: a man named Teitz goes by the name of Gooch and steals his date's car, a Saudi Arabian man divorces his wife for loving a camel more than him, and a foul mouthed Dallas teacher gets in trouble for describing his penis to a class full of 7th graders. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski and Chris Nester!

Episode: 234

Box Him Up

Today on Round Table: a man taking Risperdal wins a lawsuit after growing 34DD breasts, two blind alcoholic Russian bears are saved by Brigitte Bardot, and our favorite mailbox violator is found dead behind a Chinese food restaurant. Joining us today: Amber Nelson and Andrew Short!

Episode: 233

I'm Lovin' It Part Two

This week on Round Table: a man with a menagerie of dangerous animals dies after choking to death on a sex toy, a couple of Circle K employees trash their own store on the directions of a prank caller, and a German nurse admits to killing dozens of people because he was bored. Joining us today: Mike Coscarelli!

Episode: 232

Frodo Luther King Jr.

Today on Round Table: a crocodile in Bangladesh dies from overeating as worshipers feed him too many chickens, a woman in Arizona is arrested for hoarding and freezing cats for her dinner, and a supermarket in Los Angeles is in trouble for selling dead raccoons. Joining us today: Amber Nelson, Mookie, and Trey Galyon!

Episode: 231

Bloody Mary Boy

This week on Round Table: an Owl in Portland is stealing hats from joggers, two men in Egypt beat monkeys for their bananas, and a mortician in Ghana admits on live TV to having sex with corpses. Joining us today: Dan McNamara and Roommate Mike!

Episode: 230

Slimer Goes to Sunday School

On this special live Round Tabler of the Year edition of the Round Table: a Montana woman gets caught up in an elaborate monkey scam, a woman falls to her death moments after accepting a marriage proposal, and a man trying to sell his virginity online gets zero takers. Joining us for this special event: Jason Saenz, Mookie, Roommate Mike, Amber Nelson, and the Reformed Whores!

Episode: 229


Today on the Round Table: a woman is furious after a picture of her wetting herself is used to advertise a haunted house, the Cannibal Cop is looking for love on, and an Irish grandmother is busted for selling cocaine.

Episode: 228


Today on the Round Table: a blind man dies after burning himself up with a microwaved towel, an English man is arrested for sexing up a mailbox, and a dog in Queens is named heir to a sizable fortune. Joining us today: Benji Aflalo and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 227

Taken 4: Granted

This week on Round Table: a Danish teacher threatens to cut off the penises of two small boys for forgetting Santa hats, a woman in China actually cuts off her husband's penis, twice, and a camel kills two in Texas. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 226

In Them Guts

This week on Round Table: six drunk elephants in India are electrocuted to death, a couple in Florida get trapped in an unlocked closet for two days, and a woman trying to use a potato as an IUD ends up with roots in her vagina. Joining us today: Rae Sanni and Peggy O'Leary!

Episode: 225

Goon Biscuit

This week on Round Table: a Bible thumper encouraged to jump off a ledge goes through with it, an NFL player takes no mercy on sick children during a Madden game, and an Australian man is facing jail time for exorcising vagina demons.

Episode: 224

Top Clams

This week on Round Table: a Furry convention is attacked by chlorine gas, a monkey is on the loose in Florida, and a man assaults his wife with a McChicken. Joining us today: Jared Logan!

Episode: 223

Ball Crazy

This week on Round Table: an Australian with dementia steals a hearse with a body inside, an unruly service pig gets kicked off a plane, and a police dog gets fired for being skittish, afraid of heights, and prone to barking too much. Joining us today: Danny Tamberelli!

Episode: 222

A Big To-Do

This week on Round Table: a boy in Russia develops magnetic powers after being shocked by a faulty lamp post, a man in Boston causes naked mayhem at Logan Airport, and a sex-crazed elephant kills his handler. Joining us today: Jim Tews and Steve Pasieka!

Episode: 221

Shaving Hands

This week on Round Table: a group of Juggalos in Buffalo pitch in to help out their community, a man on fire wanders into a Taco Bell and asks for a glass of water, and a terrible first date at an Arby's ends in drug charges. Joining us today: Louis Katz and Shakir Standley!

Episode: 220

A 12 Year Mulrennan

This week on Round Table: a falcon enthusiast is barred from seeing a falcon exhibit on the grounds that he might be a pedophile, an Irish woman is denied a job in Korea due to her country's reputation for producing alcoholics, and a bull is being sent to the slaughterhouse because he is gay. Joining us today: Chris Laker and James Adomian!

Episode: 219

Pus Nugs

This week on Round Table: two men are arrested in two separate incidents involving sex with dogs, two clowns are arrested for assaulting haunted house patrons with dildos, and a woman discovers a three inch leech living in her nose. Joining us today: Ryland Blackington!

Episode: 218

Honk for Zoo

This week on Round Table: a boy in Florida is arrested for ejaculating onto a stuffed horse in a Walmart, an American expat in Mexico is killed by his Coca-Cola loving camel, and a Connecticut man is arrested for aggressive mopping. Joining us today: Mike Recine and Micah Sherman!

Episode: 217

Butts n' Guts

This week on Round Table: a woman in Spain gets pregnant by a dwarf stripper at her bachelorette party, a rapper in Phoenix tries to take a dump on stage amidst booing, and a boy in Italy has his internal organs damaged after compressed air is shot into his rectum. Joining us today: Mookie Thompson and Walter Replogle!

Episode: 216

The Trial of the Mystery Pooper

This week on the Round Table: the saga of the Mystery Pooper comes to a definitive end, live from the Creek and the Cave during the 1st Annual Cave Comedy Radio Sausage Party!

Episode: 215

Slap Dog Tuesday

Today on Round Table: a man in New Hampshire lights a fire and chases his neighbor with a chainsaw, two amorous donkeys in Poland are reunited following a complaint from a concerned mother, and a thief trades a diamond ring worth $150,000 for twenty bucks worth of weed. Joining us today: Chris Laker and Lupe Rodriquez!

Episode: 214

The 11th Day Feast for the Monkey's Soul

Today on Round Table: a Make-a-Wish recipient dies fulfilling his wish, a man in England dresses in a gimp suit for charity, and an entire village in India mourns the death of their monkey.

Episode: 213

Oh, You're Here To Arrest Me

This week on Round Table: a California man kills his girlfriend's dog and feeds it to her, a woman is arrested for pointing a gun at a young clarinetist, and a high speed chase ends in the perp lying on a neighbor's floor petting their cats. Joining us today: John Moreno and Andrew Short!

Episode: 212

Tiny Me

This week on Round Table: a bull escapes a slaughterhouse in Germany and gores a jogger, two apes at the St. Louis zoo are causing a flutter of love with their sweet serenades, and the Round Table holds its most serious monkey debate yet. Joining us today: Kelly Fastuca and Holden's long-suffering girlfriend, Lexi!

Episode: 211

The Skies of Etherea

Today on Round Table: a horse pulling a coffin dies in the middle of the funeral procession, a crew member dies by cop while filming an episode of Cops, and a young boy in China tries to kill a construction worker for being too loud. Joining us today: Amber Nelson, Myka Fox, and from the sketch group Man Boobs: Danny Tamberelli, Jeremy L. Balon, and Brendan O'Rourke!

Episode: 210

Theodore Rex

Today on the Round Table: an argument over watermelons causes a shooting spree in Russia, a man shows his penis in court to prove he's too tiny to hang it out of his trousers, and a morgue worker admits to having sex with over 100 corpses. Joining us today: Josh Potter!

Episode: 209

The No Boys

This week on Round Table: a Saudi man is killed by a donkey after trying to have sex with it, a pet-eating python gets caught in Florida, and a woman proves romance isn't dead by stealing a bottle of wine so she can see her boyfriend in jail. Joining us today: Chris Nester, Nick Turner, Lyra, and Mookie!

Episode: 208

Hey Succotash

This week on Round Table: a couple of Juggalos burn off a man's arm in an attempt to remove an ICP tattoo they felt he didn't deserve, an elderly veteran is caught slipping knitting needles into various meats in a local supermarket, and, most importantly, the only witness to the actual poop, Holden's girlfriend Lexi, comes into the studio to testify! Also joining us: Michael Che and Amber Nelson!

Episode: 207

Lick It in the Bowl, Eat It in the Dish

Today on the Round Table: efforts to rescue a Canadian cat with a bird feeder stuck on its head are being thwarted by a vindictive local man, a man dies after crashing his car into a bee house, and the saga of the Phantom Pooper continues. Joining us today: prime suspects Doug Austin, Kellen Maloney, roommate Mike and superfan Corey!

Episode: 206

Everyone is a Suspect

This week on Round Table: we've got one hell of a mystery on our hands this week. Someone took a dump in Holden and Ben's shower. Who was it?! Join the Round Table as we spend the majority of an hour and half trying to solve this stumper. Joining us today: Jermaine Fowler, Lupe Rodriquez and Chris Donahue!

Episode: 205

Tea and Crimpets

This week on Round Table: a pig on the loose is terrorizing a small town in Maine, a woman shoots herself in the face with a shotgun to prove a point, and seagulls are running wild in Dublin. Joining us today: Doug and Bill!

Episode: 204


Today on the Round Table: a man shoots himself in the head demonstrating how to beat the game of Russian Roulette, a highly intoxicated Georgian charged with a DWI claims the dog drove him to the store, and an English gal has a rare medical condition called Fish Odor Syndrome. Joining us today: Reid Faylor, Jordan Temple, and Tiff Baker!

Episode: 203

Funny Mummy Room

Today on the Round Table: a woman sprays a child in the face with poisonous weed killer, a drunk man takes a harrowing ride on a tractor, and a bear falls through a skylight on a quest for cupcakes. Joining us today: Amber Nelson, Jeff Darland, and Matteo Lane!

Episode: 202

Chicken Rocks

Today on the Round Table: a woman is sentenced to life in prison for valuing the life of baby ducks over that of a motorcyclist, a 98 year old woman suffocates her 100 year old roommate with a plastic bag, and a man chases a goat off a cliff. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski, Kellen Maloney, and a special secret surprise guest.

Episode: 201

Maggot Brain

This week on Round Table: two men in Minnesota have a chainsaw fight, a woman in England has a harrowing story to tell concerning maggots, and a 61 year old vandal leads Australian police on a scooter chase. Joining us today: John F. O'Donnell, Julia Johns, and Jim Tews!

Episode: 200

Happy Birthday Bone Toilet

This week on Round Table: half a family drowns in a cesspool in China trying to retrieve a lost cell phone, a man drives across the country with his dead girlfriend's corpse in the front seat, and an accused murderer has his too fat to murder defense struck down. Joining us today: Malachi Nimmons, Tim Warner, and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 199

The Roast of Marcus Parks

This week on Round Table: on this very special live episode, the Round Table roasts producer and local bad-toothed psychopath, Marcus Parks. Featuring all the members of the Round Table, Jared Logan, Mike Recine, Amber Nelson, Rebecca Trent, and Nick Turner on the dais!

Episode: 198


This week on Round Table: a cat that looks like Hitler got beat up for looking like Hitler, a wave of penis disappearances take Burkina Faso by storm, and a man tries to have sex with an ATM. Joining us today: Mark Normand!

Episode: 196

Jailbird Sex Act on Church Lawn

This week on Round Table: a dog with huge nipples is stolen, the mystery pooper of Ypsilanti, MI is caught, and a Japanese taxi driver gets off on passengers peeing in his cab. Joining us briefly today: Pat Dixon!

Episode: 197

Orgy at the Burn Ward

This week on Round Table: a man wrapped up like a burrito behind a Taco Bell gets arrested for meth possession, the son of Lobster Boy speaks out for the first time about his father's murder, and a prankster in Minnesota pulls one over on the establishment. Joining us today: Amber Nelson, Adam Newman, and Katherine Timpf!

Episode: 195

Meat in the Middle

This week on Round Table: a man goes to jail for a year for pouring hot sauce on a puppy, another man goes on a kissing spree in a drug store, and a Brazillian man is killed by a falling toilet. Joining us today: Shakir Stanley!

Episode: 194

Scoop Heads

This week on Round Table: a teacher gets fired after giving a student a lap dance in class, an Oregon power plant is under fire for using aborted fetuses to feed the fires, and a woman is arrested in Arizona for conspiracy to commit bestiality. Joining us today: Justy Dodge!

Episode: 193

Ham Flower

This week on Round Table: a squirrel causes havoc in a Dollar Store and ends up full of bullets, a man breaks into a church with a prostitute and steals from the rectory to pay her, and a woman strangles the hitman her husband hired to kill her to death. Joining us today: Jordan Temple and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 192

Pinch a Lip

This week on Round Table: an African Grey tries to commit suicide after being locked in a garage for three years, a student in Ireland has a heart attack from a testicle tug, and a dwarf has an adventure on the road that none of us will soon forget. Joining us today: Amber Nelson and The Reformed Whores!

Episode: 191

Weird and Deliberate

This week on Round Table: a mystery pooper is terrorizing a town in Michigan, police are searching for the notorious "granny spinner" in Romania, and a man sets fire to an apartment building after trying to burn the fur of a squirrel. Joining us today: Chris Waelti and Andrew Short!

Episode: 190

Gummi Worms

This week on Round Table: a German porn star is kicked out of the Nazi party for participating in an interracial scene, a man opens up a dead porcupine to find a rare mineral and ends up saving a lil porcupine instead, and Marcus finally pushes the Round Table to their breaking point. Joining us today: Amber Nelson!

Episode: 189

Pudgy Don't Care

Today on Round Table: a man assaults his wife after a rousing rendition of "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead", an emu causes a ruckus, and a bus driver is arrested after she is found to be drunk on gin-soaked raisins. Joining us today: John Pack and Micah Sherman!

Episode: 188

Bird Luger

This week on Round Table: a triple amputee security guard almost dies in the line of duty, a man tries to trade a boat trailer for sex, and a cat holds a family hostage. Joining us today: Josh Gondelman!

Episode: 187

Farty Goes to Washington

This week on Round Table: a family trips balls from eating LSD-tainted meat, a Florida man is busted for having sex with his pit bull in his front yard, and an Oklahoma man gets lost in his city's sewer system for two days while searching for a $20 bill. Joining us today: Monroe Martin and Meatball, plus Kevin is back!

Episode: 186


This week on Round Table: Japan unveils a new Robocop to stop subway gropers, another parrot turns stool pigeon (this time for murder), and a woman uses a dirty diaper in an assault in Florida. Joining us today: Amber Nelson, John Moreno, Henry Zebrowski, and Jordan Temple!

Episode: 185

Dirty Uncle Show

This week on Round Table: a pet parrot rats on his owner for drunk driving, a woman uses hypnotherapy in a bid to make her as dumb as Barbie, and an autistic Australian man becomes the butt of a cruel joke. Joining us today: Chris Laker!

Episode: 184

Tree Gack

This week on Round Table: a man in India with a tail is worshiped as a monkey god, a man in Vietnam almost dies from a squash in the anus, and a woman in China eats too much and explodes her stomach causing a fire. Joining us today: Anthony Devito, Ed's friend April, and Steve McCarthy!

Episode: 182

Don’t Call It An Organ

This week on Round Table: a man carrying a AK-47 in a banana costume advertising on behalf of a local gun store is arrested, inbred giraffe parts were fed to lions at a Copenhagen zoo, and a woman is hospitalized after a vagina tightening rod related accident. Joining us today: Nimesh Patel, Tim Dorsch and Tina!

Episode: 181

Ping Pong Mother Bush

This week on Round Table: an opera singer is suing a hospital after a botched surgery saddles her with uncontrollable flatulence, two birds set free by the pope are immediately attacked and presumably killed by other birds, and a ghost ship full of cannibal rats is heading toward England. Joining us today: Amber Nelson, Henry Zebrowski, and Dan Wilbur!

Episode: 180


This week on Round Table: a clown accidentally sets fire to a dove during a children's birthday in Peru, a grackle gets stuck in a Texas Wal Mart, and a woman with O size breasts might have to get them removed.

Episode: 179

Sir Geo Geo

Today on the Round Table: a man kills his father-in-law with an atomic wedgie, a pimp sues Nike for not putting warning labels on their shoes, and Cormac McCarthy's ex-wife pulls a gun from her vagina following an argument about aliens. Joining us today: Nick Turner and Jordan Temple!

Episode: 178

Street Snakin'

This week on Round Table: a Kuwaiti woman divorces her husband over his pea-eating habits, a grandfather in San Diego abandons his 2 year old grandson for a burrito, and the French gain respect. Joining us today: Nick Vatterott and Walter Replogle!

Episode: 177

Beaverton, OR

This wwek on the Round Table: an Oregon man fights off twelve cops while masturbating, an overweight virgin almost kills his girlfriend during his first go round, and Jose Canseco is in goat trouble. Joining us today: Jermaine Fowler, Reid Faylor, and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 176

Top Five Club

This week on Round Table: a routine exercise for a fire department ends in a jet fuel accident, a law banning incorrigible rogues is stricken from the books in England, and a Hawaiian man is killed by cops for brandishing a 12 foot pole with a knife taped to the end.

Episode: 175

Mr. Funnytongue

Today on the Round Table: a woman in Virginia is almost killed by a flying deer, a man in Kenya is forced to face his goat victim in court, and a man in Texas tries to use a sword to get free tacos. Joining us today: the organizers of the Brooklyn Comedy Festival!

Episode: 174

Bitch Disease, or I'm Glad Nobody Said That

This week on the Round Table: a wedding dance goes horribly awry when a guest accidentally fires off an AK-47 into the crowd, a woman in New Mexico sues the local police department for pepper spraying her vagina, and a man gets beaten half to death over crab legs at a buffet. Joining us today: Michael Che!

Episode: 173

Braulio Refugio Live

On this live episode of the Round Table: a suspected bomb turns out to be a burrito, a prostitute is arrested after she tries to take her child to work with her, and a melee in a Wisconsin supermarket turns into a sexy food fight. Joining us live: Henry Zebrowski, Amber Nelson, Katy Frame, and Adam Newman!

Episode: 172

The Beer Pong Rapist

This week on the Round Table: a rapist who targeted frat boys at beer pong tournaments is arrested, a raccoon gets his head stuck in a jar, and a boy is found handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken tied to his neck. Joining us today: Andrew Short and Lane Pieschel!

Episode: 171

You Must Always Remember That

This week on Round Table: a man accidentally shoots his friend during a Sasquatch hunt, a teenager is arrested for shouting Bingo in a Bingo hall, and a frat boy loses a testicle in a hazing ritual. Joining us today: Amber Nelson and Andy Haynes!

Episode: 170

Ways of the Heart

This week on the Round Table: a South African teacher is fired after taking three of his students for penis piercings, a Polish woman is arrested on animal cruelty charges when police discover she was trying to make a Frankenstein dog, and a man steals a monkey by pepper spraying its owner in the face. Joining us today: Mike Recine and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 169

Call Me By My Clown Name

Today on the Round Table: Mexico's clowns come out against the assassin that shot a top drug lord, a man converts his fortune to gold and throws it away to keep his wife from taking it in the divorce, and a fast food groper is caught after police follow a trail of curly fries to his door. Joining us today: Rojo Perez!

Episode: 168

Birds for Kevin

This week on the Round Table: a man tries to escape a cop by throwing a parrot in his direction, a Chinese bride screams rape after accidentally sleeping with a groomsman on her own wedding night, and an assassin dressed as a clown in Mexico takes down a top drug boss. Joining us today: Malachi Nimmons and our buddy Drew!

Episode: 167

Cowboy Hitler

Today on the Round Table: a man fakes his own kidnapping so he can go out drinking with his buddies, a lunch lady pays two kids to beat up a third, and a man in Mexico is arrested for padlocking his wife's pants. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 166

Round Table Special: KUFF Bonkers Radio Hour

Holden McNeely and Marcus Parks of the Round Table are proud to present the first installment of Bonkers Radio Hour, an exploration into the strangest and most annoying corners of their little brother brains. Featuring original songs by The Bungee Boys, The Gogogogogogogogogo, and Donnie and the D*ckheads!

Episode: 165


This week on the Round Table: a man rapes an injured cow on a railway track, a husband shoots his wife dead following a Family Feud audition, and a homeowner pumps 19 bullets into a car belonging to a couple Jehovah's Witnesses. Joining us today: Micah Sherman, Seena Jon, and Kellen Maloney!

Episode: 164

Boy Meets Meat

This week on the Round Table: a man attacks his stepdad with a sword over a missing can of shrimp, deadly hornets are attacking the nation of China, and a pedophile priest tries to sex the gay away with teenage boys. Joining us today: Steve Pasieka aka Skulk the Hulking!

Episode: 163


This week on the Round Table: a mentally challenged man has his brand new copy of GTA V stolen, a man with no teeth attempts to bite off another man's penis in a scuffle, and a new drug craze involving shampoo is sweeping the nation. Joining us today: Jordan Temple!

Episode: 162

Gulag High

Today on the Round Table: a furry is arrested for having sex with a cat on multiple occasions, a drunken pig picks a fight with a cow, and a Nigerian man is raped to death by five of his six wives. Joining us today: Sean Patton and from The Cowmen, Doug Austin!

Episode: 161

Operation Hot Tub Dookie

This week on the Round Table: a man shoots a monkey handler after said handler refuses said man to give said monkey drink wine, a man in England is busted for shampooing his genitals on the bus, and a 107 year-old man is killed in a shootout with a SWAT team.

Episode: 160

Bonkers Radio 99.5

This week on the Round Table: a man desecrates a well-loved tradition in Canada by swallowing a forty year old toe, a goat refuses to leave a roof, and a Chinese dog hunter is foisted by his own petard as he accidentally kills himself with the very weapon he used to hunt canines. Joining us today: Round Tabler of the Year Michael Che and the Reformed Whores!

Episode: 159

Horse Fist Man

This week on the Round Table: a man in China convinces a woman to let him exorcise her vagina demons, two men in separate incidents assault women with pizza, and an Oklahoman is arrested for outhouse crimes. Joining us today: Nimesh Patel and Yang Miller!

Episode: 158

All of the Buttocks

This week on the Round Table: a study finds Budweiser sends more people to the ER than any other alcoholic beverage, a boy in Africa gets his buttocks eaten by a chimp, and a 12 year old wrestles a gator into submission, saving a local elder. Joining us today: Amber Nelson and Danny Jolles!

Episode: 157

Let's Pueblo That Muchacha

Today on the Round Table: a testicle gobbling cousin of the piranha is terrorizing Scandinavia, a routine monkey walk ends in murder, and Pedophile Corner returns with a man claiming to be a sexologist. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski and Sara Benincasa!

Episode: 156


Today on the Round Table: a man loses his life savings in a carnival game called Tubs of Fun, two miniature horses are stung to death by a swarm of bees, and a dog eats a paralyzed man's testicle. Joining us today: Walter Replogle and Kellen Maloney of Murderfist!

Episode: 155


This week on Round Table: a couple of pranksters sends a group of Christian campers to the hospital with a potent fart spray, a hairy sex dwarf terrorizes a town in Africa, and an Oregon town refuses to erect a five foot tall statue of a chicken commemorating a car crash.

Episode: 154

I'm Rubber You're Glued

Today on the Round Table: a man is charged with felony theft after drinking the 52 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey he was asked to protect, a 4 year old finds a pipe stuffed to the brim with weed in his Burger King kids meal, and a woman threatens to kill her neighbor because everyone knows she had sex with her cat. Joining us today: Myka Fox!

Episode: 153

Sno Kone Joe

This week on the Round Table: a Brazilian man is killed by a falling cow, an ice cream truck driver is charged with a DWI in the midst of a war with another vendor, and a man kills his wife over an argument involving sex toys and a Nintendo Wii. Joining us today: buddy Ben and Joe Pera!

Episode: 152

Gay Karate Man

This week on the Round Table: Seattle police want to talk to a man who left a pig wearing sweatpants in an unventilated car, a woman douses her fellow bus passengers with gasoline and threatens to light a match, and special guest Mister Pastrami regales us with many wonderful tales from his time as a strip club owner. Also joining us today: Mark Normand and Megan Boone!

Episode: 151

Easter Pills

This week on Round Table: a rare bird dies in front of dozens of Englishmen, a stripper has a miscarriage while twerking onstage, and a man in Wisconsin is arrested for having sex with a couch in public.

Episode: 150

Nibbins the Painted Cat

Today on the Round Table: mystery poo-poo falls from the sky in Canada, a man with a magic flute and a van full of birds is arrested after attacking some cops, and a cat is painted over by a roadside crew in Colorado. Joining us today: Nick Vatterott, Amber Nelson, and our good friend Madeline!

Episode: 149

Covered In Snakes

This week on the Round Table: a man's erectile implants go horribly wrong much to the chagrin of his family, a camel humps (ha!) a woman to death, and a man dressed as a Power Ranger defecates in a barbecue pit. Joining us today: Larry, Mookie, and Jermaine Fowler!

Episode: 148

The Pimp Always Lives

This week on the Round Table: a man in Texas is acquitted for killing a prostitute in the process of trying to retrieve services paid, a deer in Florida is rescued from a Doritos bag, and a girl in Nebraska makes the news for masturbating with a crucifix. Joining us today: Mike Recine!

Episode: 147

Mom's Ugly Lunch

Today on the Round Table: a disgusting new delicacy is discovered in the wilds of China, a 600 lb man is charged with felony food-snatching, and in a rare occurence, a personal story involving masturbating on a train segues into a news story about masturbating on the train. Joining us today: Julia Young and Malachi Nimmons!

Episode: 146

BK Broiler

This week on Round Table: two old men settle their differences using feces and violence, a man in Bosnia saves himself from a bear attack by strangling the bear with his bare hands, and a woman bites her husband's genitals following an argument at the rodeo. Joining us today: Ari Shaffir and Damien Lemon!

Episode: 145

Not The Funnest Waterslide

This week on Round Table: an Australian boy is arrested while dragging a dead donkey with his truck, another Australian man is arrested for having sex with a pig named Michael Jackson, and a Polish baby is born drunk. Joining the Round Table today: Micah Sherman, Jermaine Fowler, and Jennifer Bartels!

Episode: 144

Fat and Happy but Sad

This week on Round Table: one Florida man claims to be a monkey while another masturbates while playing with a toy helicopter, a West Virginia man is killed while trying to harvest copper from high line wires, and a Chinese woman is arrested for poisoning kindergarteners. We're joined today by Ed Larson's mother, Mama Kathleen!

Episode: 143

Mother-Son Date Knight

This week on the Round Table: police arrest a man for turning tricks in a Wal-Mart bathroom, a bear and a donkey get in to a scuffle in Wisconsin, and Chik-Fil-A introduces a particularly disturbing promotion involving sons and mothers. Joining us this week: Carol Hartsell and Sean Crespo!

Episode: 142

Officer Dick Bonesteel

This week on Round Table: an police officer with the best name we've heard in a while prevents a machete attack, officials in China cover a bridge in butter to prevent suicides, and a quadriplegic achieves orgasm through his thumb. Joining us today: comedy photographer at large Mindy Tucker!

Episode: 141

Banjo Untied

Today on the Round Table: a goat in Africa is accused of armed robbery, an elephant in Mississippi gets caught in a drive-by shooting, and a train narrowly avoids a puppy tied to the tracks. Joining us today: Michael Che and Ross Parsons!

Episode: 140

Ronnie Dykes

On this, the 140th episode of the Round Table: bears in Russia are addicted to huffing jet fuel, a man is arrested for hunting a deer in a Walmart parking lot, and a rabbi right here in New York City kills two babies with herpes after sucking circumcision blood from their baby penises.

Episode: 139

Wisconsin Man Rappin'

On this, the 139th episode of the Round Table: while one prostitute returns from the dead in Australia another gets aggressive with a gentleman's penis in Orlando, a man and a woman in Wisconsin are arrested for stealing cheese and steaks, respectively, and a suitor on a first date gets in trouble for convincing a friend to stage a fake knife attack to impress the lady. Joining us today: Henry Zebrowski, Jermaine Fowler, Amber Nelson, and Chesley Calloway!

Episode: 138

Seeing Leg Dog

On this, the 138th episode of the Round Table: a snake uses his final act in life to burn down the house of the woman who killed him, a British soap opera star rapes a boy to prove to his girlfriend that he's bisexual, and a woman is arrested for performing oral sex on a man to get a discount on a used Cadillac. Joining us today: Andrew Short, Trey Galleon, and Chris Aurilio!

Episode: 137

My Day Outfit

On this, the 137th episode of the Round Table: a child eats a used condom at McDonald's, a couple is arrested for trying to fraud a donut shop by placing razors in the product, and a man in a wheelchair with one leg manages to steal a car.

Episode: 136


On this, the 136th episode of the Round Table: a man is arrested in Dallas for biting a teenager's butt, a woman in Oklahoma is found to have a gun hidden in her vagina following an arrest, and an inspiring story about a wrestler with no arms or legs brings out the best in the Round Table. Joining us today: Adam Newman, Anthony Devito, and Henry Zebrowski!

Episode: 135

Waggy Waggy Tails

On this, the 135th episode of the Round Table: a man is arrested for stealing a blind cat, an Indonesian boy is drowned by his mother for having a small penis, and a racist firebombs a Taco Bell for not giving him enough meat in his chalupa. Joining us today: Mike Recine, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Shakir Stanley, and the voice of Bastion himself, Logan Cunningham.

Episode: 134

Let Them Measure My Anus

This week on the Round Table: A man kills his roommate over a corn dog, a woman is killed in a strip club parking lot by a monster truck, and Ed Larson returns after spending a hellish amount of time in L.A. Joining us today: Erik Bergstrom and Amber Nelson!

Episode: 133

Eleven Bucks Per Keet

On this, the 133rd episode of the Round Table: a man is stabbed by his threesome partner for refusing to switch positions, the Michigan Batman is arrested once again, and Kevin some important tips on how to be a good stand-up comedian. Joining us today: Nick Vatterott, Bob Kuhan, and Micah Sherman!

Episode: 132

Swag to the Moon: New Jackets

On this, the 132nd episode of the Round Table: a man claiming to be Meatloaf almost kills a taxi driver, a woman in Brazil tries to murder her husband with a poisoned vagina, and a man is arrested for having sex with a horse trying to make a horse-man baby. Joining us today: Andrew Short, Reid Faylor, and Alex Moore!

Episode: 131

Sneezy the Squirrel

On this, a special live episode of the Round Table: an old man is tased after a policeman mistakes his can for a samurai sword, a vicar gets a potato stuck in his anus, and a girl at Penn State achieves notoriety for taming a squirrel and making it wear hats.

Episode: 130

Jackie's Show

On this, the 130th episode of the Round Table: a Japanese man bites his so-called possessed by a snake son to death, a naked Florida man breaks into a house and masturbates and defecates in multiple spots, and a grandmother and grandson in Indiana are planning on having a child together. Joining us today: Jermaine Fowler!

Episode: 129

The Hindenburg of Women

On this, the 128th episode of the Round Table: a 400 lb woman falls through the sidewalk in Manhattan, a woman smothers her boyfriend to death with her breasts, and two strippers get into a fight over a dollar. Joining us today: Nimesh Patel and Larry!

Episode: 128


On this, the 128th episode of the Round Table: a man is still on the loose after raping a miniature horse multiple times, a crafty cat is caught sneaking contraband into a Brazilian prison, and a bank robber in Seattle is caught masturbating on the sidewalk. Joining us today: Seaton Smith and Doug & Bill! They come as a pair.

Episode: 127

Beee Dah Doh Doop! Beee Dah Doh Doop!

On this, the 127th episode of the Round Table: a heroic chicken named Cluck Cluck saves a family from a fire, a woman is charged with insurance fraud after her sexual prowess rats her out, and a woman in Chicago is attacked with a sock full of feces. Joining us today: Micah Sherman and Mike Recine!

Episode: 126

Show Ya Bush

On this, the 126th episode of the Round Table: a man is charged with carving a pentagram onto his 6 year old son's back, singer Trey Songz is arrested for making it rain, and return guests Damien Lemon and Chris Distefano tell some of the best stories the Round Table has ever heard.

Episode: 125

Everybody Hug Preggie Dog

On this, the 125th episode of the Round Table: a man dupes his wife into trying meth in a bid to make her see why he likes it so much, a monkey trainer in China lets us in on the secret behind her success and, in one of the darkest stories we've ever done, a man forces his son to have sex with the aforementioned boy's mother. Eesh. Also Micah Sherman and Josh Rabinowitz in the Chuckle Hut!

Episode: 124


This week on the Round Table: a man with a low opinion of the elderly attacks an old man in a Burger King bathroom, a small MP's office in Britain has a urine problem, and a French man blames a Parkinson's medication for his gay sex and gambling binge, plus our old friend James Adomian takes his turn as a replacement Ed.

Episode: 123

Poo Poo Choo Choo Live!

On this, a special live version of the Round Table: a disbarred lawyer is arrested for penis graffiti, a woman threatens to cut the throats of two men who refuse cunnilingus, and a small town's sacred New Year's ceremony is threatened by the Round Table's mortal enemy, PETA.

Episode: 122

The Look of a Man Who Did His Best

On this, the 122nd episode of the Round Table: a notorious cross-dresser is charged with killing and dismembering his wife, a man is unjustly imprisoned because his dog ate a cat, and a heroic goat attacks a teenager. Joining us this week: Dan Wilbur and Amber Nelson!

Episode: 121

Apples To Apples

On this, the 121st episode of the Round Table: porch news continues as a man's corpse is mistaken for a leftover Halloween decoration, two teachers are charged with grooming a teenager for illicit hot tub sex and board games, and a bridge in Idaho is the grisly scene of hundreds of deer suicides. Today in the Hut: MURDERFIST.

Episode: 120

I'm on the Devil's Edge

On this, the 120th episode of the Round Table: a gynecologist in Germany is charged with holding hundreds of illegal weapons and photos of his patient's vaginas, a rogue monkey in Florida is finally caught after two years of the lam, and an avid gamer is beat to death for his rare collection of Magic: The Gathering cards, plus Holden's girlfriend Lexi joins us in the Hut.

Episode: 119

The Flayed Man

On this, the 119th episode of the Round Table: a boy with Down's Syndrome is saved by his puppies, a little girl is shot after being mistaken for a skunk, and a man is banned from every supermarket in Scotland during lunchtime, plus the cutest duo in country music, The Reformed Whores, drop by to play us a couple of tunes and Nick Turner sits in for Kevin.

Episode: 118

I Get High in the Machine

On this, the 118th episode of the Round Table: a woman narrowly escapes injury from piece of chicken falling from the sky, two men decapitate a game fowl in Las Vegas, and a cop with a hilarious name is accused of fingering butts in Milwaukee. Joining us: Louis Katz, Jason Kalter, and Lexi Galante, star of the Evil Dead musical!

Episode: 117

We Don't Care About Your Death

On this, the 117th episode of the Round Table: a Chinese restaurant is caught serving roadkill to its patrons, a 425 lb man is easily caught trying to abduct a child, and a farmer in Oregon is eaten by his pigs.

Episode: 116

Mule Days

On this, the 116th episode of the Round Table: a KKK chapter in North Carolina is barred from marching in the Mule Days Parade, a man shoots his neighbor for psychically raping his wife, and the Round Table creates a whole slew of new holidays, plus Alex Moore and Matt McCarthy join the Round.

Episode: 115

These Are The Good Times

On this, the 115th episode of the Round Table: a woman discovers her dead husband is actually her father, a pygmy goat is raped, a miniature donkey is raped, and a radioactive pedophile is on the loose in Ireland, plus Julia Johns and The Burn writers Jesse Joyce and Benji Afalo in the Hut!

Episode: 114

Monkey County, FL

On this, the 114th episode of the Round Table: a Saddam Husein lookalike is kidnapped and is almost forced to star in a porno film about the former dictator, a woman in England dies after injecting herself with tanning drugs, and we find out what happens when all the Round Tablers get their own county, plus Nick Vatterott, Amber Nelson, and Tanisha Long sit in on the Hut!

Episode: 113

Glue 'Em To 'Em

On this, the 113th episode of the Round Table: a man in China sues his wife for being ugly after his daughter is born an uggo, Vladimir Putin takes to the skies, and the great monkey/human hybrid debate continues, plus big fat Ed Larson is back on the Table along with our good friend Jason Kalter.

Episode: 112

Nature's Goalie

On this, the 112th episode of the Round Table: a man shoots himself in the head demonstrating the right way to shoot oneself in the head, a new form of porn of men watching porn is created, a boy makes a tidy sum on a chunk of whale vomit, and Holden's brother Avery drops in to confront Holden about Mommy. Plus! Micah Sherman, Nick Turner, and Chris Waelti join us.

Episode: 110


On this, the 110th episode of the Round Table: a woman cooks and eats her children confusing them for pigs while hallucinating, a woman goes on a two year arson spree because nobody was paying attention to her, and a man strangles a pelican in front of horrified onlookers, plus we're joined by Mike Recine, Amber Nelson, and Henry Zebrowski.

Episode: 110

Three Quarters and a Human Knuckle

This week on Round Table: a man is arrested for masturbating with his front door wide open, a woman has her tampon forcibly removed by police officers, and 2/3rds of the Round Table gets raped at a gas station, plus today we're joined by Micah Sherman, Reid Faylor, and Jesse Fernandez!

Episode: 109

Wanna See Something Weird?

This week on the Round Table: a couple on bath salts holds a man of God and his wife hostage, a good fifteen minutes of the show is dedicated to pig semen facts, and a door to door salesman game ends in murder. Today we've got first-timer Andrew Short on the show!

Episode: 108

Giving Back To The Community

On this, the 108th episode of the Round Table: a boy with Tourette's is beaten up for his involuntary Nazi salutes, a Christian puppeteer is arrested for plotting to cook and eat children, and 248 fetuses are found in a Russian forest. This week we've got Molly Knefel, Michelle Wolf, John Roy (briefly), and Saman Arbabi!

Episode: 107

Razor Burn

Today on the Round Table: a man kills his girlfriend's pomeranian and beats her with it, a Florida teenager runs into a wall on his skateboard and blames it on "a bunch of black guys", and a Craiglist posting asking for rape turns out to be an angry husband looking for revenge. Today's guests include Mike Recine, Jake Young of Nerd of Mouth, and Louis Katz!

Episode: 106

Sushi Rumukai

This week on the Round Table: a serial hugger is being sought after in Missouri, a woman is attacked by a pack of raccoons, a man cuts off his surrogate father's head with a shovel, and the Round Table pitches their most unsellable movie ideas, plus Micah Sherman, Myq Kaplan, Henry Zebrowski, and John F. O'Donnell stop by.

Episode: 105

Half-Hacked Off

Today on the Round Table: a small boy is crushed by a tombstone while pretending to be a leprechaun, a Canadian man with split personalities dismembers his roommate, and the Round Table tries to apologize to each other for past transgressions, plus we're joined by Henry Zebrowski of Last Podcast, Molly Knefel of Page 7, and our good friend Logan Cunningham, otherwise known as the voice of Bastion.

Episode: 104

Goodbye Bologna

This week on the Round Table: a man gets mauled by a chimp named Cozy, Russian Roulette takes the life of a Florida teenager, and a Swedish doctor cuts off his wife's bottom lip and eats it, plus we got Jermaine Fowler, Kelly Fastuca, and Henry Zebrowski joining us.

Episode: 103

DB's Golden Banana Live!

On this special live two year anniversary Round Table: Leprechauns are assaulting bar patrons in Seattle, a mother makes a sex tape with her 16 year old son, and an audience Q&A reveals drag preferences, favorite books, and a horrible secret involving a dumpster.

Episode: 102

Arrest That Bear

This week on the Round Table: British kids are idiots, a man is arrested for having sex with a teddy bear in public for the fourth time, and a smelly kid in Texas finally gets washed. Joining us today: Matt Maragno, Amber Nelson, and Steve Pasieka!

Episode: 101

Bobby Pets

On this, the 101st episode of Round Table: a study proves penguins to be rapacious necrophiliacs, a woman accidentally doses her child's lunch with PCP, and penguins also prove to be bad pets for a Brooklyn apartment. Most of this episode is about penguins, actually. Joining us this week are comedian Dan Soder, Epic Fail producer Gareth Reynolds, and the man with the penguin connection himself, comedian Chris Distefano.

Episode: 100

The Best Fans in the World

On this, the 100th episode of the Round Table: a Satanist kills his girlfriend's little brother, a swarm of venomous spiders swarms a small town in India, and Anne Frank gets what's coming to her, finally. Plus, Michael Che, Jermaine Fowler, Sara Benincasa, and Hong Kong Henry Zebrowski drop by to help celebrate!

Episode: 99

Pizza the Hut

This week on the Round Table: the string of cannibalistic attacks across America continues with a brain eater in Jersey, a 340 lb woman pepper sprays supermarket workers in a daring bacon and beer robbery, and two people are shot in Detroit over a Kool-Aid argument, plus we've got comedians R.G. Daniels and Jim Tews sitting in!

Episode: 98

Commodore York

This week on the Round Table: a Wisconsin man protests an unjust all-you-can-eat policy, a grandmother shoots her grandson to death, and Marcus recounts a story involving a bi-plane mounted with a sawed-off shotgun and coyotes, plus Joe List and James Adomian join us for a bit of the old chucklin'.

Episode: 97

The British Potato Council

This week on Round Table: a man with the most hilarious name and occupation ever films a man having sex with a pony (and more), a doctor in Australia is fired for randomly switching off life support systems, and our Young Entrepreneurs segment showcases the Round Table's business acumen, plus CCR's own Henry Zebrowski sits in for Ed and old friend Meatball drops in to tell hooker stories about Ed while he's gone.

Episode: 96

It's All Boots To Her

Today on Round Table: Hitler's medical records have been released revealing a coke habit and "uncontrollable flatulence", a college student is left in a cell for five days with only meth to eat, and a rousing game of Password is played, plus CCR's own Sara Benincasa, comedian Ron Krasnow, and friend James Weinheimer join the crew in the office and Jermaine Fowler sits in for Kevin Barnett.

Episode: 94

Moo-Moo Goes The Choo-Choo

Today on a particularly disgusting Round Table: a trio in Brazil kills women and feeds the meat to neighbors, the gang shares some audition horror stories, and the Lightning Round returns with our lists of worsts.

Episode: 94

Look At This Lucky Guy

Today on the Round Table: a mother pepper sprays her baby in the face, Mike Recine shows us a terrible thing and tells us what dogs in a bathtub is, and the Round Table shares their beefs. BEEFS! Plus, Louis Katz returns to the city and joins us in the office!

Episode: 92

The Black Circle of the Square

On today's Round Table: teenage exorcists take over Arizona, Kevin's dreams of dragons lead to racism on all fronts, and a gay priest screws up and broadcasts gay porn during mass, plus Henry Zebrowski and Micah Sherman join us in the Chuckle Hut and Amber Nelson sits in for Jackie!

Episode: 1

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