Join comedian Victor Varnado every Friday as he chronicles his week in this podcast diary. 

Episode: 15

A Little Bit of Brain Damage

Victor has a candid interview with San Francisco transplant, now New York Native Coree Spencer about insanity, dick pics, and believing in God.

Episode: 14

The Poetic Fate of a Craigslist Date

Candice, a woman Victor met on Craigslist loses a bet and has to make a public display. We stop by the Keith and The Girl Week festivities as well as a visit with Giulia Rozzi at the Women in Comedy Festival.

Episode: 13

Never Look a Gift Whore in the Mouth

A friend relates his first experience with a prostitue. Karen Batista talks about moving in to a New York hell hole and Victor calls the business below him to get them to turn their music down. Cameo from Ding-Ding the cat.

Episode: 12

Ewoks, Socks, and Tell Your Friends!

Myka Fox and Victor argue about who's more of a sociopath, we learn to swear in Turkish, and we get to hear the Q and A after a screening of Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! at Gilda's Laugh Festival with Liam McEneaney and Victor. Oh, and we sing the Ewok song. Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film is currently available on iTunes and on DVD.

Episode: 11

Vice President of My D*ck

While on a show in New Jersey, Victor has a heart to heart with Mike Recine where Mike reveals that he thinks that no wam wants to be equal with a man.

Episode: 10

Unsolicited Advice

Every comic has to deal with a drunk audience member coming up to them and telling them exactly what they think of one of their jokes or how they think their act could be better when the advice was never asked for.  Victor caught this time on tape.

Episode: 9

Superchief Gallery Opening

Victor's work is part of the new show CREEPERS at the Superchief gallery so he spends the night of the opening talking to "The Human Carpet" and to grown women wearing diapers. Also, a little bit of a day when a shoot goes wrong.

Episode: 8

A Little Bit of Eric Andre

Excerpts from Victor's performance on The Eric Andre Show Live Tour in NYC as well as a conversation with a physicist and a guilt trip handed to Michelle Wolf.

Episode: 7

Legitimate Rape

Victor deals with a woman from stage that he really started heckling first, has a conversation with a woman who happily tells the story of losing her virginity to a rape gang-bang and talks to a creepy housekeeper.

Episode: 6

Hanging with Anoush

Every once in a while an aspiring performer asks Victor for advice.  He almost  always answers their questions and charges them coffee. This is most of one of those days.

Episode: 4

Last Night of Bowery Poetry Club

Victor attends the last night of business at the Bowery Poetry Club by talking to many of the regulars, crazy and non-crazy alike.

Episode: 5

Ejaculation Misinformation

Victor talks about female ejaculation with someone who does it and someone who has experienced it.

Episode: 3

The New York Comicon

Victor shares the panel from New York Comicon for his second directorial feature Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! With Christian Finnegan, Kristen Schaal, Rob Paravonian, Liam McEneaney and Victor Varnado.

Episode: 2


Today on Utopiduh, Victor gets called an asshole to his face many many times.

Episode: 1

C-Words and San Fran

On this, the first episode of Utopiduh: we meet Victor's niece Whitney, a discussion is had as to when it's okay to call a woman the c-word, Victor hangs out with Barely Legal's Baron Vaughn in San Francisco, and Victor talks to a woman in a bar about relationships.